WWI life and letters sent home from 27318. Pte. Robert Allen D.C.M 17th Bn, Manchester Regiment

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1 Robert Allen was inborn Hyde Cheshire in 1892 and died at Paschendale on May 51918. He was the son of Adam Allen and Sarah Bradshaw. Like many young men who died in World War I he did not have the opportunity to marry or have children so the only recorded memories of him are from his nephew, Bernard Kaye who went onto fight in World War 2. Bernard recalls an event which happened just before Roberts final leave. He was a two-year-old sitting on his grandmothers knee when a mouse outran from somewhere near the fireplace and a young soldier stamped on it and killed it. This young soldier was Robert Allen who soon after that returned to France. He sent these letters to his family. On Active Service with the British Expeditionary Force YMCA 15 th January 1918 Dear Mother and Father I received your ever-welcome letter today and PO. Thank you. II am sorry to hear that George is out of work again he seems to behaving a run of bad luck since he got married lets hope it doesn’t last long. I had to laugh when I read Elsies letter she gets no better still full of life. Tell her I will write her a reply tomorrow. I have heard food is pretty hard to get in Blighty and I believe that you have to lineup for everything that you buy. Ah well I reckon it’s the best way and I dont suppose you will have to do it for much longer as everyone seems to think its getting onto its last legs so keep your heart smiling as you say which I hope you are doing and not worrying yourself as you used to and dont bother about me going back to it. I can do it its a good job to have somebody that can and I shall not be so long before I am home on leave if the war dont finish quick. We have had plenty of snow just lately but the sun is shining beautiful today. Well give my love to all at home in Hyde and will send you a card when I go from here so you will know. Your loving son Bob xxxxxxxx
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