The New Church Times, incorporating The Wipers Times, No 3, Vol 1, 22nd May 1916

I THE “NEW CHURCH" TIMES. the matleroiour Annual FljrCompetition. There the usual mammoth prizes, but no flypapers will be allowed. Each animal must be fairly shot or bayonetted. Bombing wilfbe allowed but any gunner found sniping flies with anything larger than an 18-pounder will be disqualified. We will announce in a later issue when the competition will commence and trust to the honour of all not to start before the flag falls. We hear that the“ Douve- ”mixed bathing Season lias commenced and that popular little sea­side resort "Le Rossignol -ought to be crowded during the summer months. We must express the hope that we still have the support of the Division in our more ambitious scheme' recirculation and .must thank one and all for the apprecia­tion shown to our previous efforts. —oi-— We have pleasure in announcing that the special warrants issued to the party proceeding to London to assassinate/‘ Sabretache ”of the“ Tatler ”have been cancelled. The individual members of the party are very disappointed as it meant an extra spell of leave but that cannot be helped.“ Sabretache” apologises most handsomely for.his mistake and explains it in a reasonable manner. So we must ask readers to send ho more letters containing suggestions as to the, surest and quickest way of killing him. Thanks“ Sabretache” you are forgiven, And should we ever get a-Nother effort from your pen W e pray you type your letter. There's aline that runs from Nicuport down into Alsace Lorraine Its twists and turns are many and each means a loss or gain Every yard can tell a story every foot can claim its fee There the line will stay forever from Lorraine up to the sea. Places memorised by symbol little things that caught the mind As at Loos 'twas but alone tree which in inemry is enshrined Perhaps at Wipers twas a corner shell bespattered held our sight Or a nightingale at Plug Street sending music through the night. Little things yet each implanted when the nerves are tension high And in years to come remembered hov/, while gazing death bypassed So the line for all has signposts and a dug-out oft can hold Little memories to haunt one as the future years unfold. Though this line will be behind us as-we push onto the Spree Yet to all it will be sacred mud-encased though it inay be In the future dim and distant they will tell the tale again— The ghosts of those who held the line from Nicuport to Lorraine.
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