The New Church Times, incorporating The Wipers Times, No 3, Vol 1, 22nd May 1916

No 3 .Vol 1. Monday 2.2nd May 1916. Price 1 Franc .SOUR journal seems to have met with some measure of success, we have pleasure in announcing that the circulation wilF be increased to- 250 copies commencing with this number. The price will be standard at 1 Fr., which will go towards the purchase of paper etc. as we are now coming to the end of the supply so kindfy left us by some citizen of Wipers who stood not on the order of his going but got. Any overbalance after incidental expenses will go as usual to charity. We regret to say that the district is waning in popularity as a health resort and several noted citizens have lately been seen “legging it ”for pastures new with a few goods and chattels and some family in tow. We arc glad io see that the City Fathers of .Wulverghem are going to. introduce the Day-light Saving Bill, as this ‘will mean that some soldiers, who are in.the district will be able togo to bed earlier. It really is a great blessing and will enable all of us who are lovers of nature to take our early morning ramble an hour-earlier thus catching the lark at its best. We are pleased to be able to give the result of our 'Last Line Competition on Page 8 The regrettable efforts made b y ih e competitors have again prostrated the judge who I regret to state is suffering from nervous breakdown a a conse­quence. Can nothing be done to break the painful monotony of our gas-horns ?Surely they might befitted with some musical apparatus and so play say /‘Excelsior while arousing the slumber­ing inmates of Batt. H .Q Now that summer is coming we are considering “NEWT THE CHURCH” TIMES. WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED H E WIPERS TIMES
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