The New Church Times, incorporating The Wipers Times No 1, Vol 1, 17th April 1916

T H.Es fi EW CHURCH” TIME WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED THE WIPEES TIMES Monday. 17th April 19lfi. Price 5 Francs .before the writer had managed to extru cate most of the characters from the Bellewarde Bee we shall have to trespass on the readers credulity to bring some of them back otherwise it it will spoil the continuity of this en­thralling tale. We have just returned from leave which is becoming a greater trial Ilian ever. To leave this land of brightness and by spending two hours on a Channel boat to be placed right into an atmosphere of gloom and indef. ini I ness. Oh I ye of little faith wake up and smile for the .summer is Let your step be brisk and your hearts light for “even yeas have sown so shall ye ”not reap and for lhat thank your lucky stars for though yc have tried for eighteen months to lose the war yet have ye not succeeded and victory is at hand. So go ye unto the uttermost ends of darkness yea even unto Piccadilly and Weslminster and pieach the gospel of Owing to reasons over which we had mi control we regret to announce that the '.Vipers Time sis now dcfunct. But through the enterprise of a wealthy syndicate all tights plant etc. belong­ing to that earnest periodical have been acquired at a fabulous figure and are now incorporated in the new venture. A'so the highly salaried staff has electcd loliow the fortunes oi their Editor so ihat we may still hope to retain the con­fidence ol our readers. We hope to introduce many new features shortly, including anew competition which will be open to all above (he rank of Colonel. We are having a most luxurious set of offices erected but fully believe that the incredible sums to be expended will be warranted by an increased circulation,^s we have left the scene of our serial 7.7
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