WWII Written accounts By Troop Sgt, Bernard Kaye No: 2073747 Royal Engineers 16th Assault Sqd

• Anny Fonn W. 3079 . Assessment of Military CCilduct and Character, in testimonial form, Of a soldier released for an indefinite period to Class " , W.' Royal - A.rmy Reserve, or Class W(T) Territorial Army Re6erve, or of an , Auxiliary released to A.T.S. Unemployed List. Rcgt. or Corps. ROYAL ENGINEERS Army No. Rank Name. Military Conduct. C U >< eo "'P .. ..>ttj L~ • ~--' 'VI.. ... """_.t..,~~,A.O --=< <. " :..,...0.. -t" cA. z:Z. M;.. .,-,... 0 p • , • :.A. cr ,A.o? • ~ '" ~ -~ , ..... ' , ""'" ~ ~- Unit Stamp PI= Officer's Signature. , • - o I/e. R.E. RECOI\Os.. • Soldier's Signature. . (JJ!Ul WI.85!;4Ie:t~ soo,@ 6/~ ".& I!.W.Lld. Cp.698
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