WWII Written accounts By Troop Sgt, Bernard Kaye No: 2073747 Royal Engineers 16th Assault Sqd

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"'el: Bvighton 7301 Ext :61" ~rfUBJECT:- Service and Character Dear Sir, In reply pleaSe quote: ZI!2504 HE Records Office, Di tchling Road, Brighton. ,?Jan 50. Reference your letter dated 2 Jan 50 regarding seI"vice in Hl.l Forces and a 'restimonial in respect thereof'. •Records in this of'fice shew that you Enlisted in the Corps of Royal Engineers (TA) ou 2 May 1939 and joined the Colours for service on 1 Sep 1939 on the outbreak of hostilities. You proc'eeded on 21 days Release Leaye on 5 Nov 45 on the expiration of' which you Vlere relegated to Class W(T) TA Reserve (26 Nov 45), •As in the case of all personnel released from Mill tary-Service in e1 ther the Class I A I or I B f ReI ease Schemes you have not been Discharged but you will remain on the strength of the appro~riate section of' the Army Reserve until the termination of the present emergency. Your rank on Release was that of' Serjeant. An assessment of' Mill tary Conduct and Character in Testimonial Form recorded on Army Form W3079 is forwarded herewith f'or your retention. The Form requires\ rour signature in the space ~rovided. .Yours faithfully •Mr .B. Kaye (2073747 RE). ~Kings Crescent, I Old TrafI' EO for Colonel Orticer tic BE Records,
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