Memorial Register Egypt 20-25, WW1, Cemeteries in Cairo, Suez, Kantar, Alexandria and Port Said, Egypt

ABBASIYA INDIAN CEMETERY CAIRO. CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER EGYPT 20. CAIRO (El Qahira) which has been for many centuries the capital o f Egypt, is a city o f about 800000 inhabitants on the East bank o f the Nile fourteen miles from the head o f the Delta. It began with the settlement (afterwards a Roman fortress) o f Babylon at Old Cairo in the sixth century B .C.It was captured by the French in 1798 and retaken by British and Turkish troops in 1801. A t the outbreak o f War Cairo was the Headquarters o f the British garrison in Egypt and it became with Alexandria the main Base Hospital centre for Gallipoli Egypt and Palestine. A tEl Abbasiya (a military quarter North-East o f the city named from the K hedive )Abbas I there were established a Remount Depot Indian General Hospitals and Field Ambulances No. 2 Prisoners o f War Hospital a Cremation Ground and this Cemetery. The cemetery was used from May 1918 to December 1920. It contains the graves o f 58 soldiers and six followers who were Muhammadans and a memorial to nine soldiers and two omen f the Indian Labour Corps Hindus, whose bodies were cremated. The Register records particulars o f 75 War Graves. THE REGISTER OF THE GRAVES ABBAS IY A INDIAN C E METE RY. ABD U LLAH KHAN Sowar 3125. 6th K .E .O .Cavalry. 28th Oct. 1918. Son of Ghulain Muhammad Khan of Jahangirpore, Khurja Bulandshahr United Provinces. AHMAD KHAN Sep. 3262. 93rd Burma Inf. ist Dec. 1918. Son of Nizam Din of Lehar Sultanpur Pind Dadan Khan Jhelum, Punjab. A L IF H USAIN Spr. 251. 3rd Sappers and Miners. 26th Dec. 1918. Son of Makhan Shah of Dhunni Kharian Gujrat Punjab. ALLAH D TIT A Follr. 123rd Outrams Rifles. 13th March 1920. Of Jhelum Punjab. ALLAH D TIT A Sep. 3817. 72nd Punjabis. 3rd Nov. 1918. ALLAH D IT TAR fn. 4887. 125th Napier’s Rifles. 26th April 1919. Son of Ghasita Khan, of Nandala Shakargarh Gurdaspur Punjab. AMIR DIN Sep. 4460. 91st Punjabis (Light INDEX No. Inf.). 23rd Nov. 1918. Son of Ramzan of Egypt 20 Ghukal Daska Sialkot Punjab. ABBAS IY A IN! A TA MUHAMMAD Sep. 549. 151st Indian CEM .CAIRO Inf. 14th Jan. 1919. Son of Chandan Khan, of Andulla Chamal Mirpur Kashmir. A U LIA KHAN Lee. k.N 3791. 54th Sikhs (Frontier Force) ist July 1919. Son of Baz Khan of Kahoot Pind Dadan Khan Jhelum Punjab. AZIM Follr. M T/151. Supply and Transport Corps. 30th Oct. 1918. BAH AD U R KHAN Sep. 3352. 93rd Burma Inf. 5th July 1918. Son of Haidar Khan, of Wahali Pind Dadan Khan Jhelum Punjab. BAW AR SHAH Sep. 1103. ist Q .V .O .Corps of Guides (Frontier Force) (Lumsdens). 14th Aug. 1918. Son of Ahmad Shah of Gallara Mardan Peshawar N .W .Frontier. 5
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