Memorial Register Thailand 2, WW2, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Part III

kan c h a nab u ri MARSHALL Gnr. edward 1082447.135 (The war cemetery Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Rcgt. Royal th a . 2 Artillery. 1st December 1943. Age 28 Son of William and Clara Marshall of Golborne, Lancashire husband of Winifred Marshall of Golbome. 8. M. 42. MARSHALL Gnr. edward albert QX.I0518. A.I.F. 2/10 Fd. Rcgt. Royal Australian Artillery. 31st May 1943. Age 40. Son of John and Emiline Marshall of Bundaberg Queensland Australia husband of Jessie Myrde Marshall of Darlinghurst New South Wcks Australia. 1. F. 8. MARSHALL Gnr. ernest 1463133.85 Anti-Tank Slcgt. Royal Artillery. 15th December 1942. Age 22. Son of John William and Ada Marshall of Smallbridge Rochdalc Lancashire. 8. C. 28. MARSHALL Gnr. harry lester 1094255.135 (The Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regt., Royal Artillery. 25th July 1943. Age 31. Son of Harry William and Elizabeth Mary Marshall of Southampton husband of Dorothy Alice Marshall, of Freemandc Southampton. 2. G. 4. MARSHALL Pte. john Joseph VX.62998. A.I.F. 2/2 Pnr. Bn. Australian Infantry. 10th April 1944. Age 29. Son of Ann Marshall of Newry Victoria Australia. 1 .F. 33. MARSHALL L/Cpl. robert david QX.12015. A.I.F. 2/26 Bn. Australian Infantry. 14th April 1944. Age 35. Son of David and Ann Marshall. 1. E. 38. MARSHALL Pte. Stanley 5776728. 4th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 26th January 1943. Age 25. Son of Fred and Edith Marshall of Nottingham. 4. F. 13. MARTIN Pte. alfred albert VX.40692. A.I.F. 2/29 Bn. Australian Infantry. 13th December 1943. Age 49. Son of Alfred James Martin and Charlotte Martin of St. Kilda Victoria Australia husband of Muriel Martin. 1. C. 19. MARTIN Pte. Alfred william 5775418. 5th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 1st July 1943. Age 23. Son of Harry Victor and Bessie Elizabeth Martin of Barking Essex. 2. M. 77. MARTIN Pte. ARCHIBALD derrick 5933325. 1st Bn. The Cambridgeshire Rcgt. The Suffolk Rcgt. 3rd June 1943. Age 23. Son of Walter Dodd Martin and Daisy Elizabeth Martin of Cambridge. 6. P. 27. MARTIN Sigmn. Arthur aubrey NX.59953. A.I.F. 8 Div. Sigs. Australian Corps of Signals. 3rd July 1943. Age 24. Son of Ernest Victor and Mary Gcncphinc Martin of Crows Nest New South Wales Australia. 6. D. 11. MARTIN Ptc. frank william 5772985. 5th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 8th July 1943. Age 25.2. H. 19. MARTIN Gnr. george edward NX.27936. A.I.F. 2/15 Fd. Regt. Royal Australian Artillery. 4th October 1943. Age 25. Son of Keith Kendall and Christina Fair Martin of Booyong New South Wales Australia. 1. J. 66. MARTIN Cpl. HECTOR ARTHUR NX.53833. A.I.F. 219 Bn. Australian Infantry. 18th June 1943. Age 25. Son of Alexander and Marion Martin of Griffith New South Wales Australia. 6. B. 26. MARTIN Sjt. HENRY JAMES 1050718.122 Field Rcgt. Royal Artillery. 8th June 1943. Age 37. Son of James and Alice Martin husband of Alice Martin of Darwen Lancashire. 2. F. 60. MARTIN Sgt. (Air Gnr.) hugh cecil 1796212. R.A.F. (V.R.). 355 Sqdn. 6th October 1944. Coll. grave 4. G. 67-75. MARTIN Pte. leo robert arthur VX.45951. A.I.F. 2/29 Bn. Australian Infantry. 12th Decem­ber 1943. Age 20. Son of Robert Arthur and Ketty Marie Falslund Martin of Parkdale, Victoria Australia. 1. C. 21. MARTIN Ptc. Leonard 5950987. 5th Bn. The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt. 28th October 1943. Age 25. Son of Reginald James Martin and Alice Maud Martin of Leyton Essex husband of Elsie Martin. 4. C. 38. MARTIN Bdr. lester dudley 908744.118 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 17th July 1943. Age 22.8. G. 19. MARTIN Gnr. pat william 1119581.148 (The Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 14th June 1945. Age 36. Son of Thomas and Florence Martin husband of Lydia Ellen Martin of Battersea London. 4. G. 41.150
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