Memorial Register Thailand 2, WW2, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Part III

MAPPLEDORAM Cpl. Herbert 5933601. 1st Bn. The Cambridgeshire Regt. The Suffolk Regt. 7th September 1944. Age 37. Son of Frederick James Mappledoram and Annie Camp- kin Mappledoram husband of Violet Annie Mappledoram of Newmarket Suffolk. Coll. grave 3. D. 2-20. MARDLIN Ptc. donald john henry 6141459. 2nd Bn. The East Surrey Regt. 2nd September 1945. Age 27.2. P. 65. MARGETSON Gnr. Charles 1077622.5 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 5th June 1943. Age 30. Son of Edward and Anne Margetson husband of Doris Esther Rose Margetson of Chiswick, Middlesex. Sp. Mem. 9. M. 4. MARKEY Gnr. john Reginald 1709664.5 Searchlight Regt. Royal Artillery. 21st November, 1943. Age 32.4. C. 59. MARKHAM Ptc. george alexander 6018234. 2nd Bn. The Cambridgeshire Regt. The Suffolk Regt. 2nd September 1943. Age 25.2. J. 29. MARKS Pte. Frederick john TX.4876. A.I.F. 2/40 Bn. Australian Infantry. 23rd July 1943. Age 28. Son of George Emanual and Susan Mary Marks of Hobart Tasmania Australia. 1. H. 66. MARKS Ptc. george edward 5959250. 5th Bn. The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt. 19th May 1943. Age 32. Son of Alfred and Kate Marks husband of Dorothy May Marks of Norbury Surrey. 4. F. 44. MARKS Ptc. JOHN 7538096. Army Dental Corps. attd. R.A.M.C. 28th August 1943. Age 32. Son of William and Helen Steel Marks of Glasgow husband of Catherine McGowan Marks, of Glasgow. 6. D. 13. MARKS Spr. Raymond john 2144841.560 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 6th July 1943. Age 24. Son of Frederick and Grace Mary Marks of Walthamstow Essex. 4. G. 30. MARLAND L.A.C. frank Joseph 1017170. R.A.F. (V.R.). 84 Sqdn. 15th July 1943. Age 27. Son of Joseph and Mabel Marland husband of Marjorie Marland of Rochdale Lancashire. 8. D. 59. MARLOW Pte. alb a n 3854935. 2nd Bn. The Loyal Regt. (North Lancashire). 16th May 1943. Age 29. Son of George Frederick and kan c h a nab u ri Agnes Mary Marlow of Hedon Yorkshire war cemetery 8. J. 13. th a . 2 MARR Ptc. MICHAEL f. 10553997. R.A.O.C. 7th August 1943. Age 22. Son of Joshua and Dorothy Ann Marr of Heaton Newcasde-on- Tyne. 8. G. 39. MARRIAGE Gnr. CECIL VX.40541. A.I.F. 4 A/Tk. Regt. Royal Australian Artillery. 2nd July 1945. Age 42. Son of John Alexander and Janet Marriage of Baimsdale Victoria Australia. 10. B. 6. MARRIOTT Ptc. bertie 4967751. l/5th Bn. The Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.). 24th August 1945. Age 39.6. D. 70. MARRISON Sjt. Walter 5774938. 6th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 14th May 1943. Age 22. Son of Frederick Thomas Marrison and Ethel Marrison of Norwich. 2. P. 8. MARSDEN Pte. benjamin 13056787. Pioneer Corps. 23rd July 1943. Age 27. Son of Ann Marsden of Sheffield. 8. E. 45. MARSH Ptc. CHARLES FREDERICK 5831018. 2nd Bn. The Cambridgeshire Regt. The Suffolk Regt. 9th January 1945. Age 28.2. K. 18. MARSH W.O. II. (B.S.M.) Herbert cyril 1058543.125 Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery. 6th January 1943. Age 32.8. C. 16. MARSHALL Pte. alan Raymond 5828898. 1st Bn. The Cambridgeshire Regt. TTie Suffolk Regt. 22nd August 1943. Age 23.2. F. 35. MARSHALL L. Cpl. Alfred george 2005477.288 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 10th May 1943. Age 27.8. F. 30. MARSHALL Cpl. allan george T/185611. R.A.S.C. and. 6 H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 18th July 1943. Age 29. Son of Albert and Lily Marshall of Boode Lancashire husband of Florence Marshall of Liverpool. 8. L. 70. MARSHALL Gnr. clarence george 1085605.88 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 4th July 1943. Age 34. Son of Arthur and Tamar Marshall of Nottingham husband of Florence Marshall of Hyson Green Nottingham. 8. F. 40.149
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