Memorial Register Wiltshire 1-196, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in Wiltshire

WILTSHIRE. THE ADMINISTRATIVE County o f Wilts h ir econ ta ins 1971 War Graves ,sc a tte re dover 196 C e mete rie sand Church yards .Of these graves 1114 a rein six burial ground s(at B u lfo r d D u r ring ton T id worth Cod ford St. Mary, Sutton neV andy F o v ant) directly conn e c ted with the training grounds o nor nearS a lis bury laP inmost— th o u g h n o tall— o f there stare those o f soldiers from Wilts hire who died a t home .These War Graves maybe classified as follows :—Soldiers o f United Kingdom units- 848 Australian Imp e rial Force (inc lu ding airmen )--636 New Z e a land Exp e d itio nary Force ----173 German Army-------- 97 Overseas Military Forces o f Canad a (inc lu ding airmen )-74 Roy a lAir Force -----72 Royal Navy -36 Royal Marin es-------- 1 1 South African Exp e d itio nary Force ----4 W omens Roy a lAir Force ------4 German inter ned civilians ------4 Australian Army ruN singS e rv ice---- 2 German Navy --------2 Queen Alexandra Imps e rial Military ruN singS e rv ice- 1 Terr ito rial Force ruN singS e rv ice 1 Royal Australian Navy ------1 Voluntary Aid Detachments _____ j Australian M unit ion Work er----- 1 South African Native Lab our Corps 1 Belg ian Army --------I A u s tr ian inter ned civilian ------1 O f the British soldiers 116 belonged to the Duke o f dinE burghs (Wilts hire Regiment) and eleven to the Royal Wilts hire Yeomanry (Prince o f Wales sOwn Royal Regimen t). The Wilts hire Regiment sent seven B a tta lions for s c rv ic c overseas .The Royal Wilts hire Yeomanry served from 1916 to 1918 in France and Flanders and the Wilts hire Battery R.H. A .in India .In this group the C e mete rie sand Church yards a rearranged under the Borough san dUrban and Rural Districts in which they are situate d.In the Rural Districts the name o f the Civil Paris his added where i t differs materially from that o f the burial ground .The Registers record p a rtic u lars o f 1866 War Graves.
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