Memorial Register Wiltshire 1-196, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in Wiltshire

T hep a rtic u lars given in the Registers o f the grave shave been com piled from information furnished b they Record Office sand the next- of- ink .In all cases the relative shave been asked to furnish the personal information they wish to appear in the R egis te rand where possible this has been given in their actual words .The man nero flo c a ting the graves record dine these Registers does not con form to any uniform system but follows the practice adopted b they governing authorities o f the various cemeteries concerned .They are ind ic a ted b y letters o r numbers a t the end o f the individual name entries which represent the loP t(or Section W ardor Compartment as the case maybe )Row (if any )and Grave .In many cases only a general indication o f position can b e given .In many instances three sub -div is ions o f the Cemetery are ind ic a ted e .g.,M .2.141 .in some only two are shewn the first o f which represents the loP tor Row which ever i t might b e and the second the number o f the Grave P .9. in others only the Grave numb eris shew nor only the R o wis ind ic a ted .The abbreviations use din the Registers in connection with the grave locations are appended as a glossary :—“C ”-----Cons e crated .cC .of E .”--Church o f England .“Gen .”-----General. cc N . C .”-----Non com form is .Ct.“R .”-----Roman Catholic .“U n”-----U cons e crated.
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