Memorial Register Japan 1, WW2, Yokohama War Cemetery Part I

YOKO HAM A LINTON L. Cpl. VICTOR JOSEPH FRANCIS 6200987. WAR CEMETERY 1st Bn. The Middlesex Regt. 21st December, j a p.l 1943. Age 29. Brit. See. B.F. 16. y//o c X or-iq LIPM A N Gnr. nathan 1757667.48 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 10th December 1942. Age 32. Son of Solomon and Fanny Lipman husband of Doris Lipman of Highbury Barn, London. Brit. Sec. N.B. 9. LITH A U ER L. Cpl. ronald louis 2325527. Royal Corps of Signals. 1st January 1943. Age 24. Brit. Sec. K.B. 1. LITTLE Ptc. LES LIE max well SX.22798. A.I.F. Australian Army Catering Corps. attached to 1 Armd. Car Sqn. 31st October 1946. Age 24. Son of M r.and Mrs. L.G. Little of Mil Lcl, South Australia. Aust. Sec. C.A. 1. LLEW ELYN Chief Officer edward .Merchant Navy. M.V. Dalhousie (London). 24th February 1945. Age 56. Son of Llewelyn G. and Elizabeth Llewelyn husband of Annie Llewelyn of Borth-y-Gcst Caernarvonshire. Brit. Sec. D.B. 8. LOFT Sjt. albert Arthur 917291.148 (The Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Field Rcgt. Royal Artillery. 6th January 1945. Age 24. Son of George William and Lily Eleanor Loft husband of Annie Fenella Loft of Burnham Market Norfolk. Brit. Sec. P. C. 1. LOM AS Gnr. Walter 4527180.12 Bty. 6 H.A.A. Rcgt. Royal Artillery. 7th December, 1942. Age 29. Brit. Sec. P.A. 4. LOMBARY Ptc. marcel phil y p 6202791. 1st Bn. The Middlesex Rcgt. 20th February 1944. Age 27. Brit. Sec. K.B. 2. LONG C.P.O. Tel. Alfred mar tin P /J.111691. R.N. H.M .S. Belfast. 7th April 1946. Age 37. Son of Albert Ernest and Ethel Fanny Long of Firth Park Sheffield. Brit. Sec. R.A. 7. LONG Pte. geo geer .5775210. 4th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Rcgt. 8th March 1945. Age 28. Son of M r.and Mrs. Samuel John Long of Gt. Yarmouth Norfolk. Brit. Sec. G. B. 11. LONG HURST Gnr. edward 1573264.89 Bty., 35 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artjllery. 1st June 1944. Age 37. Brit. Sec. G. B. 16.42 LO NSDALE Ptc. george laW lace God frey, QX.21886. A .I.F. 2/26 Bn. Australian Infantry. 12th June 1945. Age 25. Son of George and Lucy May Lonsdale of Laidlcy Queensland, Australia. Aust. Sec. E.A. 8. LOOM E Pte. james robert 5774840. 5th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Rcgt. 6th March 1944. Age 38. Son of William James Loomc and Edith Loome husband of Ida Ellen Maud Loome of Swanton Morlcy Norfolk. Brit. Sec. J. B. 8. SttJQrtPoXi-' LORD Sigmn. rah o i.d 2353654. Royal Corps of Signals. 1st December 1942. Age 31. Brit. Sec. K.B. 3. LOUGH Ptc. john Sin clair 10546426.20 Base Ordnance Depot R.A.O.C. 13th February 1944. Age 31. Son of Thomas and Jessie Lough of Glasgow. Brit. Sec. K.B. 4. LOUIS Pte. LEONARD ALEXANDER QX.15560. A.I.F. 2/26 Bn. Australian Infantry. 3rd January 1944. Age 27. Son of Henry Adolphus and Sybil Louis of East Innisfail Queensland, Australia. Aust. Sec. A.D. 3. LOVELL Cpl. tho mas ROY H/6654. The Winnipeg Grenadiers R.C.I.C. 24th February 1944. Age 32. Son of Thomas and Jessie Lovell husband of M. Madeline Lovell of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Cdn Sec. A.D. 3. /JzrJq K&Ajq LOWE Cpl. g e org eA. I-I/6078. The Winnipeg Grenadiers R.C.I.C. 18th February 1944. Cdn. Sec. A.D. 4. /^oroc LOWE Fifth Engr. Offr. stu art owen .Merchant Navy. M.V. Patella (London). 22nd March 1944. Age 28. Son of Samuel and Martha Jane Lowe of Gatlcy Cheshire. Brit. Sec. G. B. 8. LUBEY Ptc. george Patrick NX.49939. A.I.F. 2/18 Bn. Australian Infantry. 5th January 1944. Age 22. Son of Patrick Thomas Lubey and Phoebe Ellen Lubey of Bankstown New South Wales Australia. Aust. Sec. A.D. 4. LUCK E T TL. Bdr. william george 828266.12 Coast Regt. Royal Artillery. 8th March 1944. Age 34. Brit. Sec. 5. LUMBERS Cpl. john william 5777122. 5th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 9th March 1944. Age 27. Son of “Fred and Adelaide Eleanor Lumbers of Diddington Wood Huntingdonshire. Brit. Sec. J. B. 9.
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