Memorial Register Japan 1 and 1a, WW2, Yokohama War Cemetery and Cremation Memorial

YOKOHAMA WAR CEMETERY Index No. JAP. 1 YOKOHAMA the second largest city in Japan and formerly the most important of the treaty ports is on the west side of Tokyo Bay in Honshu the main island of Japan. It lies about 40 k m souths of Tokyo. Yokohama War Cemetery is about 10 km s from the centre of the city at Hodagaya on Yuenchi-Dori which branches left off the old Tokaido highway. The nearest railway station is Hodagaya on the National Railways Yokosuka line 5 km s to the north but the cemetery is easily reached by public transportation from Yokohama and by expressways from Tokyo. Attractively situated alongside Hodogaya Jido Yuenchi (Hodogaya Children's Playground) in Kariba-Cho, Hodogaya Ward the cemetery was constructed by the Australian War Graves Group. It comprises of four main parts the United Kingdom section the Australian section the Canadian and New Zealand section and the Indian Forces 1939-1945 section. ACross of Sacrifice stands in each of the first three sections. Instead of across a specially designed monument in the form of a pylon with four faces dominates the plots in the fourth section. This is inscribed on two faces “Indian Forces 1939-1945” with “India” on one side face and “Pakistan” on the other. In a niche on the north wall of this section arc commemorated men who died while serving with the occupation forces in Japan for whom no burial or cremation information exsists. Their names are included in a register devoted to such memorials this memorial being called the Yokohama Memorial. The total number of. graves is 1518 classified as shown overleaf. The special memorials “C” comm em orate men known to be buried in the cemetery whose graves could not be precisely located. Each consists of a bronze plaque memorial bearing the name and service particulars of the casualty with the superscription "Buried near this spot”. In this cemetery stands the Yokohama Cremation Memorial. This is a beautifully designed shrine which houses an urn containing the ashes of 335 soldiers sailors and airmen of the Commonwealth the United States of America and the Kingdom of the Netherlands who died as prisoners of wax in Japan. Their names (save for 51 who were not identified) are inscribed on the walls of the shrine and the names of the Commonwealth dead are given at the end of Part II of this register.
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