Aircraft Recognition No. 6, Vol. 1

Vol. 1.—No. 6 AIRCRAFT £FEBRUARY, 1943 RFCOGNITION THE INTER-SERVICES JOURNAL LAPP IC A T IONS FOR MATE RIAL Please note that this Journal or any Recognition Material can be obtained only through the recognised official channels. Under no circumstances can any official material be purchased, and no copies o f the Journal are for sale, nor can they be supplied from the Editorial offices or the Printers SOL U T ION STORE COG NIT ION TEST SIN A.R. No. 5 NO. 29 (FLYING PHOTO GRAPHS) :158. Albacore 168. Manchester 177. Argus 159. Spitfire Vb 169. Skua 178. Fortress II 160. Ju 8 8 a 6170. Auster 179. Ham pden 161. Harrow 171. He 111180. Marauder 162. Stirling 172. Beechcraft 181. Do 217163. Lancaster I C-43 182. Wellington II 164. Halifax II 173. Lancaster I 183. Do 217165. Liberator II 174. Shark 184. Me 109f .166. Vengeance 175. C.R. 42185. Ventura 167. Catalina 176. He 115 NO. 30 (SCALE SIL H O U E TT ES) :1. He 11513. H otspur II 23. Aichi 99 Navy 2. Hs 12914. Mitsubishi 97 Dive Bomber 3. W irraway Army Bomber 24. Mitchell 4. Fiat B.R.20 15. Fw 19025. Catalina 5. Me 109e 16. Ham pden 26. Bv 141b 6. Ro 4417. Mohawk 27. A rado 196a 7. Thunderbolt 18. Bv 138 b 28. Vengeance 8. Auster 19. Do 18k 29. Buffalo 9. Kingfisher 20. Blenheim I 30. Electra 10. Ju 52/3m 21. Bermuda 31. Seamew 11. S.M. 8422. N akajim a 9732. Ju 87b 12. Kittyhawk Torpedo Bomber 33. Goose SOL U T ION STORE COG NIT ION TEST SIN THIS ISSUE FRONT COVER :Mitsubishi 00 Navy Fighter NO. 31 (PHOTO GRAPHIC A N G LES ):31,32,33. Mustang. 34,35,36. Hudson. 37,38,39. Fortress II. 40,41,42. Wellington II 43,44,45. Blenheim IV. FROM TRAN SPORT T O BOMBER.— A Lockheed Hudson V, derived from the Lockheed 14 transport. NO. 33 (SILLO GRAPHS) :61. Catalina 62. Mentor 63. Dauntless 64. Ju 8 8 a 665. Ju 52/3m 66. Beaufighter I 67. Anson 68. Fw 19069. Vengeance 70. Ham pden 71. Do 21772. Spitfire IX 73. Beaufort 74. Me 11075. Halifax 76. Lightning 77. Mosquito 78. Lancaster 79. Halifax 80. Do 217 FROM BOM BERT O TRAN SPORT.— A Handley-Page Harrow several squadrons of which were in service with the R.A.F. just before the War. The machines are now used for transport duties. SOLUTIONS T O TEST FLIGHT N O .4:1. (a) Twelve, (b) Thirteen, (c) Seven, (d) Six. 2. Beaufighter, Fw 187, Me 210, Whirlwind, YAK-4. 3. (a) Liberator, (b) Albatross, (c)He 177.4. Cirrus, Fox, Genet, Gipsy, Hawk, Hornet, Leopard, Major, Minor, Puss, Swallow, Tiger (both monoplane and biplane). 5. (a) Boeing, (c) Vought-Sikorsky, (e) Airspeed, (b) Spartan (U.S.A.), (d) Fleet, 6. The(a) C audron Typhon and theM esserschm itt Taifun. (b) The Ago Kurier, the Focke-W ulf Kurier. 7. The D C -3 is a tw o-m otor transport made in the U.S.A. The DB-3 is a tw o-m otor bomber made in Russia. 8. The Spitfire IX has two radiators instead o f one. The Spitfire IX has a longer nose than the Spitfire V. 9. The(a) Ham pden. (b) The Anson (c)I. The Baltimore. (d) TheM artlet (U.S. Navy :Wildcat). The(e) Caravan. 10. Robert flew the R3D-2, Martin flew the Marauder, and Leonard flew the Flamingo. Solutions to Recognition Tests Nos. 32,34 and 35 will appear in the March issue. ERRATA.— A few copies o f the December Number were issued in which the span and length o f the Ju 88 on pages 10 and 1 1 were incorrect. They should read 65'6" and 47'2" respectively. The speed record o f the Macchi 72 was given in error on Page 4 as 340-7 m.p.h. instead o f 440-7 m.p.h. On page 12, Manchester should read Lancaster. T HEED I TOR I A The Inter-Services Journal on Aircraft Recognition is published on the first o f each month. It is prepared and produced by an Editorial Committee in conjunction with the Aircraft Recog­nition Branch o f the Ministry o f Aircraft Production. The members o f the Editorial Committee are :Peter G. Masefield, M.A., A.F.R.A c.S. (Chairman) Leonard Bridgman G. Geoffrey Smith, M .B.E.D. Jenkins :C. Charles Tapp L COMMITTEE Sqd. Ldr. C.H. Blyth, R.A .F.V .R.H. L. Gaunt and Fit. Lt.D. M. Dent, R.A .F.V .R .All contributions and communications should be addressed to the Inter -Services Journal on Aircraft Recognition, Ministry o f Aircraft Pro­duction, Room 3003, Cooks Building, Stratton Street, London, W .l. Articles submitted for publication should not exceed 800 words in length. 7950/Wt. 18634/Dmd. R7I01/Gp. 45-211. 125M. 2/43. Printed under the authority o f H.M. Stationery Office by Samson Clark &Co., Ltd., Mortimer Street, London, (K.I
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