Aircraft Recognition No. 2, Vol. 1

Vol. F.—No. 2 Enemy> 9 OCTOBER ,1942 AIRCRAFT THE INTER-SERVICES JOURNAL Formations RECOGNITION. Recognition Test No. 12 Solutions to Tests Nos. 6 and 7 The following are solutions to Recognition Tests in this issue: No. 6—Naval Views :1. M artlet 6. Ju 88a6 II. Liberator I. 2. Me 109f .7. Whitley V 12. Kingfisher 3l Fw 190 a 38. C -46 Commando 13. Goose 4. Dakota 9. He 11114. Mariner 5. Thunderbolt 10. Lancaster I 15. Kurier No. 7—Noses :1. Dakota 8. Beaufighter 115. Liberator I 2. Lancaster 9. Me 11016. Dornier 17z 3’ .He 11110. Halifax 17. Blenheim IV 4. Ju 8811. Stirling 18. Whitley V 5. Fortress 12. Baltimore 19. Hampden 6. Boston 13. Hudson 20. Sunderland 7. Wellington 14. Catalina No. 12— Enemy Formations :(Left) Me 110 s,(top) Do 17zs, (bottom right) He 111 K5a Fronts. Covers :Last month— Spitfire Vu. This month :Halifax II. Solutions to Tests 8,9,10&11 will appear in the November Journal. Aircraft Recognition Material A number o f units and individuals o fall Services have not yet received the official issue o f Aircraft Recognition material to which they are entitled. Particulars o f this material which is available will be detailed in this Journal from time to time. Application for it should be made through the usual channels. Correspondence A page is to be devoted to readers’ correspondence in future issues of this Journal. Letters are invited on all subjects connected with Aircraft Recognition and especially on training methods, data o f interest and material needed. Comments and constructive criticism o f this Journal will be welcomed. In some instances, with enquiries for copies o f the Journal and other Recognition Material, money has been enclosed. Please note that all requests for material are forwarded to the competent authority. Under no circumstances can any official material be purchased, and no copies o f the Journal are for sale nor can they be supplied from the Editorial Offices or the Printers. THE EDITORIAL COMMITTEE The Inter-Services Journal on Aircraft Recognition is published on the first o f each month. It is prepared and produced by an Editorial Committee in conjunction with the Aircraft Recognition Material Branch o f the Ministry o f Aircraft Production. The members o f the Editorial Committee are :Peter G .Masefield, M.A., A.F.R.A e.S. (Chairman) Leonard Bridgman: G .Geoffrey Smith, M.B.E. D. Jenkins Sqd. Ldr. C.H. Blyth, R.A .F.V .C..R Charles Tapp H.and L. Gaunt. All contributions and communications should be addressed to The Inter- Services Journal on Aircraft Recognition, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Room 3003, Cooks Building, Stratton I Street, London, W .l. Articles submitted for publication 'should not exceed 800 words in length. 72l8/Wt.l8634/Dmd.R7l0l/Gp.45-218. 125M. 10/42 Printed under the authority o f H.M .Stationery Office b v Samson Clark &Co., Ltd., M ortim erSt.. London, IK .
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