Memorial Register France 1061, WW2, Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery Part II

/ / WYDER Pte. CHARLH VITAN T H/102483. The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, R.C.I.C. 30th July 1944. XIV. C. 15. YAZINA Pte. JOHN D/136926. The South Saskatchewan Regt. R.C.I.C. 14th August, 1944. VIII. C. 14. YEO W.O.II. (C.S.M.) daniel L/24019. The Regina Rifle Rcgt. R.C.I.C. 6th June 1944. I.F. 8. YORK Ptc. les lies a r fields F/85624. The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, R.C.I.C. 22nd July 1944. XIV. E. 13. YOUNG Ptc. James H/7055. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada R.C.I.C. 23rd July 1944. Age 21. Son of William and Florence Young husband of Lena Young of St. James Winnipeg Manitoba. XII. E. 1. YOUNG Sgt. PETER NEWTON BERKELEY B/76359. The Toronto Scottish Regt. (M.G.) R.C.I.C. 9th August 1944. Age 28. Son of Lt.-Col. Newton M. Young V.D. and Lalla Barbara Young of Toronto Ontario. XII. B. 16. YOUNG Lt. richard Oliver CDN/108. Royal Canadian Infantry Corps attd. 8th Bn. The Royal Scots Fusiliers. 29th June 1944. Age 25. Son of Harry Oliver Young and of Clara Young of Montreal Province of Quebec. His brother ben y - s u r-m e r Peter Byrne Young also fell. VI. F. 2. Canad ian war cemetery YOUNGS Pte. Sidney Howard C/57616. The f r .1061. Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders R.C.I.C. 9th June 1944. Son of Sidney and Myrtle Youngs of Peterborough Ontario. VI.A. 2. ADZ WORN Y Rfn. edward H/41233. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles R.C.I.C. 5th July 1944. Age 22. Son of Joseph and Eva Zadworny of Winnipeg Manitoba. XIV. H. 9. ZAPPIA Rfn. Joseph K/68883. The Regina Rifle Regt. R.C.I.C. 9th June 1944. VI. H. 4. ZASTRE Rfn. phil lip Hep /41456. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles R.C.I.C. 6th June 1944. Age 23. Son of Alfred Zastre and of Justine Zastrc (nee Lafrcniere) of Hcadinglcy Manitoba. V. G. 7. ZATOR Ptc. Walter john B/53156. The Royal Regiment of Canada R.C.I.C. 14th July 1944. Age 20. Son of John and Josephine Zator husband of Pauline N. Zator of Bitteme Park Southampton England. F.IX. 11. ZWICKER Gnr. william ralph F/76215. 3 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Canadian Artillery. 24th July 1944. XIV. D. 10. Printed in ('.real Britain under the Authority of Her Maj stye s Stationery Off ice by C. Tinling &Co. Ltd. Liverpool London and Prescot. (18835)WtF257Gl/70 K4 2.55 CT&CoLtd. i560/2. 0
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