Memorial Register France 1058, WW2, Bayeux War Cemetery Part III

THE REGISTER OF THE GRAVES LAIDLAW Tpr. kenneth r .14298859. The Inns of Court Regt. R.A.C. 9th July 1944. Age 31. Son of William and Isabella Laidlaw. XXVII. E. 6. LAKE Ptc. william Char les 5733266. 7th Bn. The Somerset Light Infantry. 1st August 1944. Age 21. Son of William C. and Grace Lake of Hamworthy Poole Dorsetshire. XIX. B. 14. LAMB Pte. Step hen 4805974. 7th Bn. The Royal Norfolk Regt. 7th August 1944. Age 24. Son of Stephen and Florence M. Lamb of Billingborough Lincolnshire. XXII. C. 2. LAMBE Pte. ronald clyde 14435491. The Dorsetshire Regt. 1st August 1944. Age 17. Son of John Joseph and Rosina Elizabeth Lambe, of Balham London. III. C. 4. LAMBERT Gnr. Arthur 11265765.1 Bty., 15 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 31st July, 1944. Age 22. Son of Arthur and Mary Lambert, of Manchester nephew of Mrs. M. Lambert of Ardwick Manchester. L.II. 25. LAMBERT Pte. b e tier 1541564. 4th Bn. The Lincolnshire Regt. 25th June 1944. Age 25. Son of Bessie Lambert of Parkstone Dorsetshire. XVIII. A. 20. LAMBERT Dvr. tho mas 2134864.9 Mechanical Equipment Platoon Royal Engineers. 25th October 1944. Age 36. Son of Eli and Alice Lambert of Salford Lancashire husband of Bertha Lambert of Salford. II. D. 1. LAMBERT Ptc. william Joseph 6400795. 2nd Bn. The Royal Warwickshire Regt. 14th August, 1944. Age 24. Son of James and Annie Lambert husband of Doris Amelia Lambert of Dunstable, Bedfordshire. XXV. D. 12. LAMBETH Ptc. william ernest 6474744. 6th Bn. The Green Howards (Yorkshire Regt.). 6th June 1944. Age 30. Son of Arthur and Annie May Lambeth of Whitton Middlesex. X. K. 8. LAMPREE Cpl. Stanley 3914046. 2nd Bn. bayeux The South Wales Borderers. 25th July 1944. w a rAge 25. Son of Edgar John and Mabel Lamprcc cemetery of Nash Monmouthshire. III. G. 23. f r .1058 LANCASTER Pte. Sydney 3909952. 2nd Bn. The South Wales Borderers. 8th June 1944. Age 25. Son of Thomas and Agnes Lancaster husband of Mary Agnes Lancaster of Westwood, Northumberland. A.X. 16. LANCASTER Lt. rut loch john 212762. The Dorsetshire Regt. 6th June 1944. XI. J. 4. LAND Ptc. derek 14673377. l/7th Bn. The Royal Warwickshire Regt. 10th August 1944. Age 19. Son of Harry and Annie Land of Baxterley Warwickshire. His brother Geoffrev also fell. XXIII. D. 4. LANDONI Ptc. LOUIS 14253797.166 Coy. Pioneer Corps. 14th July 1944. Age 31. Son of Charles and Adclc Landoni husband of MaryAnne Landoni of Brynmill Swansea. I.A. 25. LANE Dvr. Frederick james T/99608. 50 Gen. Transport Coy. R.A.S.C. 28th June 1944. Age 25. Son of Charles and Olive Lane husband of Winifred L. Lane. II. C. 13. LANE Pte. HERBERT ARTHUR 5956322.1 /6th Bn. The Queens Royal Regt. (West Surrey). 12th June 1944. Age 33. Husband of Mary Nettie Lane of Emberton Buckinghamshire. XV. L. 16. LANE W.O. II. (C.S.M.) william james 6006127. 2nd Bn. The Essex Regt. 11th June 1944. Age 37. Son of George and Bella Lane husband of Gladys Hilda Lane of Kingsbury Middlesex. XIV. D. 7. LANGDALE Ptc. george ernest 6104268. l/6th Bn. The Queens Royal Regt. (West Surrey). 2nd August 1944. Age 31. Son of Ernest and MaryAnn Langdalc of Bermondsey London nephew of Ellen Gilfrin of Bermondsey. XXVI. D. 7. B 99
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