Transcription of letters sent home From Normandy WWII. By Mr. Michael Shields 3rd Battalion Irish Guards.

Falaise 1944 Mary we reached a village today everythillg has beell destroyed ami the smoke is still risillgfrolllthe bllildillgs. The people left everythillg behilld photographs ill brokell frames evell saw toys all abed stale food ollthej1oor. It's alike ghosttowlI. We evell fOlilld sOllie bread Oil a table. We ate it of course. It was like 11/(/11//(/ fromheavell. SOllie of the lads got illto trollble at the last village we stopped at. They came back witll some food, evell eggs ami bacolI I/Ow they 'procllred' it we dOIl 't kllow? We are 1I0t allowed to bllY from the locals as itmigilt ellcollrage a Black Market. Sometimes we do eat 'captllred' Germall ratiolls the bully beef ami hard tac (biscllits) we have are ollly a staple diet blltwe do get tea of cOllrse. I call 'twait to come home to a home cooke{lmeal. I don't know whell all of this will eml Mary amllwollder if we will ever have peace?**** Darlillg Mary, Michael was severely wOlillded bllt survived. We were {Illvancillg forward ami Michaellllld to find the area where {III unexploded bomb fell he said 'here I go agaill Filld Locate, 0111 Disarm' IIl1fortlillately he was hit by the shrapnel. Michael will be evacuated SOOIl alld said he wOlild take my leiters with him. It is also pourillg with raill 1I0W 0111 that makes it more difficliit ami so mOllY of our mell were wOlI/llled dllring the calista lit shellillg alld the mortars. was ordered to get the stretcher bearers so they could get the wOlillded back. The Field Hospital is ollly basic blltwe II/(/ke the best of it. Mary waitforme this war can 'tlast forever thell we will be togetller agaill for the rest of Ollr lives. We will get married like we plan lied when I retllm from this terrible war. All tIIy love forever, Frallcis xx*************************
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