Transcription of letters sent home From Normandy WWII. By Mr. Michael Shields 3rd Battalion Irish Guards.

Darlillg Mary, I thought we would have defeated the Germalls by 1I0W but we are stillullder mortar alld shelljire. It has takell liS sometime to get here alld I thought we wOllldll 't make it. I was sellt outwith a patrol behilld ellemy lilies to get their positiolls so the RAF co1i1d bomb the ellemy durillg the lIight. We were also beillg hit by illtermittellt shellillg. We didjinall y drive them back. I dOli 't kllow whell YOIl will get these letters Mary? Iwallt YO toIl kllow how IlIIlCh I love YO Il ami can't wait to hold YOIl ill my arms ago ill Love Frallcis xx JIISt heard we have to make ollr way to a tOWII called Falaise about 20 miles away.************************** Falaise -Allgust 1944 God help liS Mary I kllow 1I0W what Hell is ami this is Hell. The Calladialls alld ollr Battaliollare ill thefrollt lille. WaYlle says we are being IIsed as 'Fodder '.The ditches Oil the side of the road hold grotesqlle bodies ill their grey III1i/orms all twisted alld deformed, some withollt limbs rottillg bloated allimals Iyillg everywhere their stiff legs poilltillg up to the sky as i/ ill prayer ami debris everywhere. The smell of death alld decay is stiflillg ill the Slimmer heat. YOII call still seethe apples Oil the trees layillg 011 the grolilld their brallches brokell illto jirewood. This place is a killillg grolllld Mary. The de(ifellillg thllllder of the gUlls ami the tallks call't drowlI Ollt the screams ofthefallellmell. The hills are red with blood alld we have to advallce lip these hills because the Germalls are behilld them. Oh God I/Ow I hate this war. Iwollder how I got myself illto it. Seall ami I thollght we would seethe world alld what a world we have seell. Oh Mary how I miss you. lam crouched ill a foxhole writillg this jllst me alld my woodbilles my ollly cOllifort sllrrolillded by death ami darkness el!foldillg me.**************************
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