Transcription of letters sent home From Normandy WWII. By Mr. Michael Shields 3rd Battalion Irish Guards.

Frallce Jllly 4"1 J 944 Darlillg Mary, Jllsl beell lold we have 10 lake lip posilioll ill frolll of Capricellx Aerodrome. It is held by the Germalls. We are beillg sellt ill behilld ellemy lilies alld the Calladialls are with liS. I met WaYlle a soldier from Torolllo he is a great glly. We are goillg 011 patrol tOllight. ************************** Caell - Jlliv J 944 My darlillg Mary, SellII was killed today by a slliper he died ill my arms aJ/{lwas screamillgfor his mom. Seall was ill Ihe hedge bllt he III11St have moved becallse a few birds flew Ollt lettillg the slliper kllow where he was. Michael had to SlOp me goillg after the slliper I was so dislrallgilt. ************************** Darlillg Mary, We caplllred parI of Caell yesterday wilh Ihe Calladialls. The tOWII is lIearly destroyed, even the chllrch bllt part of it was slill slalldillg. A Priest came to greellls alld asked Ihe Captaill ifwe wOllld like all Irish Gllard's Mass allli if allyolle ill ollr Battalioll cOllld play Ihe organ. Michael volllnteered 10 play he is a greal pial1ist aJ/{1 also has a bealltifllilellor sillgillg voice soldiers from all faiths were Ih ere. Whell we are cleanillg ollr kit some of Ihe lads begilllo sillg 'The Sash' aJ/{1 then Michael wOllld begin singillg 'DaIlIlY Boy '.It becomes a competitioll to see who call sillg the 10lldesl bllt when we are ill the firillg Iille 'we are all one' and will die for each other. Love Francis xx
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