Transcription of letters sent home From Normandy WWII. By Mr. Michael Shields 3rd Battalion Irish Guards.

************************** 28th Jlll/e 1944. My darlil/g Mary, We have beel/ Ill/der heavy shellil/g. The el/emy stopped 300 yards from Ollr positiol/. 1 was so scared bllt we mal/aged to drive tit em back jllst before dawl/. We Itavejust beel/ told we are goil/g to PIISlt soutlt to Cael/. We mal/aged to get afew Itours sleep tltis mortlil/g alld are 11011' waitillgfor orders wltilst restil/g. Love Fral/cis xx Mary, We have just received orders tellil1g liS to adval/ce to Caell. I dOli 't kl/ow itOII' far it is bllt I will write whell we get tit ere. All my love Frallcis x************************** Frallce - Jlllle 30th 1944 My darlillg Mary I am sittil1g behil/d a hedge writil/g this. We are movil/g towards Cael/ bllt as evellillgfell, ollr positiolls came IIl1der heavy shellillg by tlte Germ ails ere tl were 110 ."alties cm today amI it is qlliet ellollglt at tlte momellt. I Itave a lIew lIickllame Mary they cull 'Theme Scribe' becallse wltellever I get tlte time I am writillg tlt ey tease me about it. Micltael gave me Itis pellcil tltey are 1I0t very big alld will SOOIl be IIsed lip. Will write agaill as SOOIl as I call. I love YO Il MlII}l. Frallcis x**************************
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