Transcription of letters sent home From Normandy WWII. By Mr. Michael Shields 3rd Battalion Irish Guards.

Michael Shields 3 rd Battalion Irish Guards Engineering Platoon 'Quis Seperabit' After the funeral Kate wanted to be alone she sent her husband and family home and drove to her house.mother's Opening the window to let air in the room she satin her mother's chair and then remembered a tattered old cardboard box her mother used to hide on the top shelf of her wardrobe. Searching in the cupboard she finally found it. Sitting on top were old fragile envelopes tied with a ribbon. Kate carefully opened the envelopes and took out the letters. LETTERS FROM NORMANDY A rromallches Normalldv 6th JUlie 1944. My darlillg Mary, 1 didll't have time to write SOOller. After arrivillg at SOllthamptoll 011 the 19'" we boarded alld sailed to Frallce. It was pretty rollgh comillg over. 1 was so sick bllt Seall seemed to be OK. It's a good job 1 didll 't joill the Navy? Sergeallt Michael Shields was also sick we met dllrillg the traillillg his family origillate from lrelalld too. After we disembarked we marc/led so 11th alld stopped 011 the olltskirts of tOWII 011 the way to rest alld catch lip 011 some sleep bllt we ollly sleptfor two or three flOllrs alld tltellfwd to cOlltilllle tlte march. Olt Mary Itow 1 miss YOII. We fwve ollly beell apart 1I0W for six weeks al/{I it seems like forever. aliI' last lIigltt togetlter before 1 left will be witlt me forever. 1 Itave my 18,h birtltday card witlt me all tlte time. p.s 1 love tlte socks YOIl kllitted for me. All my love Frallcis xx
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