World War II, Volume 6

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Picture acknowledgments Page 3001: I.W .M .3002/3 :Keystone -3004 :Orb is/A lan Rees Keystone -3005: Etablissements C inem atographiques des Armees Keystone -3006/7 :U.S. Army 3008 :Documentation Francaise Keystone- 3009 :Keystone -3010: Etablisse­ m Cents inem atographiques des Armees -3011 :Keystone -3012: I.W .M./E. Tweedy -3013: Andreas Feininger/Library of Congress -3014: Musee lade Guerre Vincennes -3015 :New York Public Libra ry/N ico le M archand Associated Press -3016 :Library of Congress —3017: M usee lade Guerre. Vincennes Universite de Paris/D orka -3018/9 :Keystone —3020: U .S.I.S .—3020/1 :Archives lade Musee lade Guerre -3021: U.S.I.S. -3022/3 :U.S. Army -3024: U.S.I.S.: Documentation ?aise Fran -3025: Orbis -3026/7 :Keystone —3028 :Keystone Etablissernents C inem atographiques des Armees. Picture res e arch: Idees et Editions. P aris/M ath ild e Rieussec. Nazi Hand book translated by Susanne Flatauer. Cover picture :An American M 18 Hellcat gun motor carriage in the French Alps (U.S. Army). Next week: Next week Lt.-C ol. Bauer describes one of the most dramatic events of the war- th e last major German attempt to force a stalemate in the West. It was given the code-name of Herbstnebe/-" Autumn Fog". To the Allies it was known as the Battle of the Bulge. What was the German objective? It was to punch massive Panzer forces through the Allied front and drive westwards across the Meuse swinging northwards towards Antwerp -cu ttin goff M ontgom ery's 21st Army Group and completely disrupting the Allied advance on the Rhine. The most feverish minds in the German High Command hoped that this would force the Western Allies into concluding an armistice with Germany. But times had changed since 1940. The speed with which the Americans blocked the German attempts to widen the breach and the tenacity with which they held Baton astogne— indirectly the mainstream of the German advance -robbed the German columns of the pace which they had to maintain if they were to succeed. And when the weather cleared and allowed the Allies to bring their massive air strength to bear on the bog g e od-d w n Panzers total defeat stared the Germans in the face. Arnhem apart the German breakthrough in the Ardennes was the biggest crisis which the Allies had had to face since Omaha Beach. But Eisenhower and his generals— especially Patton who swung his 3rd Army through 90 degrees to breakthrough to the garrison Bat asto gne -reacted with flexibility and energy. Despite "stan d-off" help fromM ontgom ery's army group. Allied victory in the Ardennes can be ascribed to the superb fighting qualities of the American soldier. It was a decisive wand ell-earned success.
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