War Diaries Of Frederick James Santillo Royal Navy - Mechanician. HMS Emerald 1930

4 12th Feb Wednesday Lit up early and went to sea for gunnery and Torpedo exercises with Admiral on board. Returned to harbour early. Weather lovely and cool. Slept afternoon. Pictures for the troops on focsle 5 . 13th Feb Thursday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Went to pictures on 2 deck 15 not too bad. Have not felt up to the mark today. 14th Feb Friday Postponed going to sea Admiral got a slight chill. Usual Saturday as we do sea tomorrow. Feel a little better today but still out of sorts. Slept afternoon. 15th Feb Saturday Went to sea for gunnery and Torpedoes 13 .Slept afternoon. Better once more thank goodness. Duty Watch. 1yr 16wks. 16th Feb Sunday Usual routine. Church on focsle 5 .Slept afternoon. Went and saw Footer between two ships Enterprise 12 &Us 16 we won 4-7. A lovely game made rings around them. Received letter from Ida also book on Russia. 17th Feb Monday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Went onshore to see two Marines teams from the two ships ours won 2-0, a good game. Had supper in canteen (chicken). Saw the Boxing it was a farce on the whole. But there were on or two good fights. Finished up points even but not satisfactory at all. Wrote letter to Ida. No sailing races. 18th Feb Tuesday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Our Marines lost by 17 points in the rifle shoot for the Madras Cup with Enterprise 12 .nice and cool yet hope it remains so for a longtime. 19th Feb Wednesday Usual routine .Slept afternoon. Saw pulling race for Madras 56 Cup our Marines won easy by over 70 strokes a walkover. Men's pictures. Watch on board. 20th Feb Thursday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Went onshore to see Soccer 9 match our Engine Room 17 Branch and Enterprise 12 Engine Room 17 Branch we lost 2-0 avery poor match from our point of view. Had a nice bathe afterwards. 21st Feb Friday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. lost 1 st place in sailing race took 2 nd and 3 rd .Saw pictures not bad. 22nd Feb Saturday Usual routine. Worked a bit late. Slept afternoon. 1yr 15wks. 23rd Feb Sunday Usual routine. We had some of the white civilians on board to church. Slept afternoon. We had a bit of a lecture on Madras 56 in the evening not too bad. Received letter from Ida. Duty Rounds 21. 24th Feb Monday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. nice and cool. Wrote letter to Ida.
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