War Diaries Of Frederick James Santillo Royal Navy - Mechanician. HMS Emerald 1930

3 29th Jan Wednesday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Went onshore 4.0PM to see soccer 9 match. In the port final. Marines &Com &Day men. Marines won 3-2 very good game. 30th Jan Thursday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon. CPO's cutter started training. Watch on board. 31st Jan Friday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Weather nice (cool). Band on upper deck 14 .One month nearer thank goodness. 1st Feb Saturday: Usual routine. Paid and paid out. Slept afternoon. Played Tombola &lost. 1yr 18wks. 2nd Feb Sunday: Went to divisions 9.0AM then church on focsle 5 with Squadron Parson very good sermon. Weather just lovely. 3rd Feb Monday: Had early General Drill. Usual routine. Received letter from Ida. Slept afternoon. Weather nice &cool. Watch on board. Answered Ida's letter. 4th Feb Tuesday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Weather still nice &cool. 5th Feb Wednesday: Usual routine but packed up early as we went to sea for Gunnery &Torpedo exercises at 2.0PM. Did not fire Torpedoes 13 returned early to harbour 7.30. Lovely breeze. 6th Feb Thursday: Usual routine. Packed up noon. Slept afternoon. Went onshore to bathe (it was lovely) returned on board 7.0PM Lovely breeze. 7th Feb Friday: Went to see for Gunnery &Torpedo exercises (all completed this time). Weather very nice returned to harbour 9.20PM. Watch on board. 8th Feb Saturday: Usual routine. No rounds. We had some rain this afternoon. Slept afternoon. More rain during evening. 1yr 17wks 9th Feb Sunday: My word we did have a heavy downpour of rain during the night. Admiral came on board and went around divisions &also went to church with us. Slept afternoon. Went onshore to see soccer 9 match with Enterprise 12 we won 4-0 a good game by our fellows they were allover them. 10th Feb Monday At Trincomalee 10 .We went to General Drill and screwed the Enterprise 12 down in nearly all we also seen them off at sailing this afternoon. Weather just nice a cool wind blowing. Wrote to Ida. 11th Feb Tuesday Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Weather nice and cool. Watch on board.
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