War Diaries Of Frederick James Santillo Royal Navy - Mechanician. HMS Emerald 1930

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3229. Malé Atoll -is a natural atoll of the Maldives. This atoll consists of two separate atolls: North Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll. Together with Kaashidoo Island and Gaafaru Malé Atoll forms the administrative division known as Kaafu Atoll. Malé capital of the Maldives is located at the southern end of North Malé atoll. The only international airport of the Maldives is located at Hulhule. Practically all uninhabited islands of this Atoll became tourist resorts during the two final decades of the 20th century. 30. written Com:as 31. Diyatalawa -is a garrison town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) in the Badulla District of Uva Province. It is at an altitude of 1499 m (4918 ft) and has become a popular destination for local holidaymakers. It is home to the Diyatalawa Garrison of the Sri Lanka Army which includes the Sri Lanka Military Academy officer training center of the army SLAF Diyatalawa the Sri Lank Air Force's ground combat training centre and facilities of the Sri Lanka Police. 32. think ERA stands for Engine Room Artificer. 33. written Yeo Sig 34. written as fuzed 35. think this is leading hand cook 36. written propper 37. think this is Stoker Petty Officer 38. Bandarawela -(mountain resort) is the second largest city in Badulla District which is 28 km away from Badulla Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)). Due to higher altitude Bandarawela has a mild weather condition throughout the year hence it is popular among the citizens to spend the vacations with their family members. Bandarawela is 200 km away from Colombo and about 125 km away from Kandy Colombo and Kandy being two major cities in Sri Lanka. Both roads and railway transportation facilities are available to reach the area within a few hours. Bandarawela town tinted with a colonial past resting among lush forestation has found its niche among its visitors as abase for eco-tourism. 39. written as Rec: 40. think this is Chief Engine Room Artificer 41. unable to find a place with the name Habutali in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). 42. written as Rugger 43. think this is Chief Petty Officer 44. think this is 5 Rupee's 45. HMS Berwick (65) was a Royal Navy County class heavy cruiser of the Kent subclass. She was built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Govan Scotland with the keel being laid down on 15 September 1924. She was launched on 30 March 1926 and commissioned 12 July 1927. Decommissioned 1946 and allocated to BISCO (British andIron Steel Corporation) for scrapping on 15th June 1948 arrived Hughes Bolkow Blyth on 121th July 1946 for breaking up. 46. written as aniv ry 47. Havelock -this is not a ship and appears to be just the name of a Rugby team. 49. think this is lighting up A2 boiler 50. HMS Suffolk (55) -was a County-class heavy cruiser of the Royal Navy and part of the Kent subclass. She was built by Portsmouth Dockyard UK with the keel being laid down on 30th September 1924. She was launched on 16th February 1926 and commissioned on 31st May 1928. Decommissioned 25th March 1948 and was allocated to BISCO (British andIron Steel Corporation) on 25th March 1948 and was scrapped at J Cashmore's Newport Wales 1948.51. written as Cinamon 52. think this Postal Order 53. written as flys 54. Present day Sri Lanka 55. think this is 1 Rupee 50 cents 56. Madras -is now known as Chennai and is the capital city of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. 57. E&h in For Eng Room& M.Stm Aft -not sure what this means but looks to be written like this and could mean: E&h in forward engine room &main steam room aft.
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