War Diaries Of Frederick James Santillo Royal Navy - Mechanician. HMS Emerald 1930

1 Fredrick James Santillo (Mechanician) transcript of Diary on HMS Emerald 1930 1st Jan Wednesday: Usual Routine. Paid. Went onshore up to RA Fcany 1 took a parcel of rosty 2 with us. Had avery pleasant day. Saw our concert party (not bad). Was sorry to part from such nice fellows. 2nd Jan Thursday: At Karachi 3 Sea We left for Colombo 4 9:15am. Fired Torpedoes 13 soon as we left harbour. Sea a bit lumpy, weather nice. Watch on board. 3rd Jan Friday: At sea. Usual routine. Done night firing (very good firing). Weather is getting warmer. 4th Jan Saturday: At sea. Usual routine. Weather is getting very warm slept last night uncovered. Played tombola (no luck). 1yr 22 weeks. 5th Jan Sunday: Usual routine. Church on focsle 5 .During dinner hour three sailing boats were sighted putting off small rowing boats all making for us 16 we stopped ship and found out when they came alongside that they had lost their way were becalmed for about three days and had outrun of food and water so we supplied their wants and carried on our way once more. Weather very nice. 6th Jan Monday: Usual sea routine. The weather begins to get a bit rough high winds and rough sea on arriving in the Gulf of Mannar 6 (is usually same here). 7th Jan Tuesday: We arrived Colombo 4 8.0AM &went into dock. Received letter from Ida. Went onshore saw Pictures (not bad). Had a nice supper in Metropole Hotel. 8th Jan Wednesday: Usual routine. A bit warm but not too bad. Wrote letter to Ida also sent for book to "Gale& Poldens" 9th Jan Thursday: In dock Colombo 4 .Usual routine. Went onshore to supper and saw the Talkies. avery pleasant evening got back to ship at midnight. 10th Jan Friday: In dock. Usual routine. Very hot. Nothing much doing. 11th Jan Saturday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon. Passed evening watching around the dock &watching bathers. 1 yr 21 wks. 12th Jan Sunday: Saw our Service Certificates was disappointed with abilities assessment 7 .Slept afternoon. Wrote letters to Ida and Derek. 13th Jan Monday: Usual routine. Slept afternoon very hot.
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