TRANSCRIPTION OF WAR DIARY JAMES M. WHITWORTH Mechanic - R.E.M.E. II P agc May 1940 (Dunkirk Campaign)

30 th April 1940 We left Aldershot at 09.05 hours on Tuesday April 30 th One of the buses got lost on the way but picked us up again after 100 miles. We arrived in Dover at 16.45 hrs and loaded the Convoy onto H.M.T. "Shipperton Ferry". We should leave tomorrow morning. Sleep on deck. 1 Mayst 1940 We cannot leave this morning on account of fog. We are eating at the Transit Camp and the food is great. We are allowed into town this afternoon. I go with Gordon and Cec and have a good time. Regent Cinema. Sleep on the ropes in the starboard bow. 2 nd May 1940 Cannot sail again today. Enemy inaction channel. Magnetic mine laying etc. toGo town again and sleep in a lorry on the train deck. 3 rd May 1940 Cannot sail again. Go swimming then skating after which we go dancing at the Town Hall. Meet two friends in the rink. Sleep on lorry again. 4th May 1940 Swimming skating and dancing at Town Hall again. I have enjoyed myself more these last 4 days than all our time in Aldershot. Sleep on lorry again. Sunday 5 th May 1940 Sail this morning at 10.45 hours arrive Dunkirk 15.00 hrs. Kids asking for fags etc. Dump our kit in Transit Depot and have a cup of tea and Bully Beef. After this we forgo a walk around the town. I sleep in a railway truck 6 th May 1940 Travel to Belanges -just past Aberville pass Roven St. Omer etc. we slept in a rotten old bam tonight. 7th May 1940 Travel to Breval about 40 miles from Paris. Bedford lands in ditch on the way. There are a lot of flying beetles on the way big and horrible things too. This caused Bedford togo in ditch. Jim Strachan thrown from wagon. We sleep in hayloft tonight. PS: These last 3 days we have been on iron rations and we are starving. 21 Page
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