WWI War Diary Of Sapper. John Lockhart No. 134163. Royal Engineers 222 Field Company, 241st Artizan Work Co.

1919 Mar 23 I Although pretty well everyone wanted togo home at once it was simply not possible. .Not only would it have been practically impossible to process all men in a short period of time but the British army still had commitments it had to fulfill in Germany North Russia and in the garrisons of Empire. Men with scarce industrial skills (including miners) were released early those who had volunteered early in the war were given priority treatment leaving the conscripts· particularly the 18 year olds of 1918 -until last. Even so most of the war servicemen were back in civilian life by the end of 1919. Before the soldier left his unit he was medically examined and given Army Form I Z22 which allowed him to make a claim for any form of disability ariSing from his I military service. He was also given an Army Form Z44 (PlainClothes Form) and a II Certificate of Employment showing what he had done in the army Z18. A Dispersal Certificate recorded personal and military information and also the state of his I equipment. If he lost any of it after this pOint the value would be deducted from I ------------------~-----------------~his outstanding pay. Tranferred to Class Z Rese-rV-e-o-n-=D"-e-m-o-=-b=ih~'z-at-:-io-n--
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