WWI War Diary Of Sapper. John Lockhart No. 134163. Royal Engineers 222 Field Company, 241st Artizan Work Co.

casualties trench foot was next with 12.7 .Until mid 1915 the CCS was known as a Clearing Hospital. Generally there was one provided for each Division. From the CCS the casualty would be evacuated to aBase Hospital. 1917 Oct 7 Evacuated base on ambulance train 1917 Oct 171 Con Dep Boulogne ex. Hos "Sick" Soldier is well nourished and developed appears slightly nervous pulse rate 97 increased to 105 on exertions. Condition is weakness and shaky due to Neuresthenia a condition attributed to war. Reported to this unitas a reinforcement in the above stated condition. He was at once sent to the medical officer and was evacuated. Disability attributed to service during the present war. Degree of disablement 20%. He was treated at 55 General Hospital in Boulogne. He was 32 years 5months old. Schemes were prepared by Major BHO Armstrong RE for hutted hospitals of 600 beds with all accessory buildings. These schemes were soon implemented and by 1917 the hutted hospitals acounted for 320000 military hospital beds in Great Britain. 1917 Oct 30 Quitting ranks without permission. Not complying with an order. Deprived 3 paydays (open arrest) The maintenance of indiscipline the army has always been considered avery serious affair. Whilst it is clear from statistics that there was much ill-discipline in the army throughout the war most of it was of a non-serious nature. The instances of failure to obey orders are relatively few and the number of men convicted and suffering from serious punishment was miniscule as a proportion of the whole. These crimes included everything from matters of individual presentation such as being unshaven untidy or losing kit not saluting or addressing superiors correctly dirty or incorrect equipment being late on parade or after curfew etc. They would be detected and dealt with by the NCOs and officers of a man's own unit. NCOs often gave men extra fatigues or exercise as punishment ~or smal! matte~s. -----_._-----_ _----- 1917 Oct 31 Discharged from hospital ----_._--- --------_._. 1917 Nov 3 Arrived RE B Depot _._-_ __ .-1917 Nov 7 Joined unit from RE B Depot Classified "Neuresthenia" 1917 Nov 16 Reported sick and was admitted to 15 ln casualtY-station and then transferred til-rough'13-3 -Field Hospital and 1 Australian CCS. His condition was recorded as shaky and weak by the Medical officer and was evacuated 1917 Nov 26 Admitted to No 15 Casualty Clearing Station with weakness and shaky condition 1918 Jan 9 Evacuated to Base by No 14 Ambulance Train 1918 Jan 755 Gen Hos Boulogne "Neuresthenia" Sit HA. His condition was considered temporary with a 20% degree of disablement 1918 May 16 Dis ex. 12 Con Depot 1918 May 20 Classed Bii at Rouen. No 8 General Rouen Aug 14 -May 191918 May 21 Arrived RE Base Depot from 1502 AW Co 1918 May 29 Joined unit from REBD 1918Jul13 Joined unit from 1502 AW Co 1918 Jul 27 Not complying with company orders Awarded 2 days CC (open arrest) 1918 Aug 16 Absent at about 10:30pm Awarded 5 days CC Deprived 2 paydays (open arrest) Being confined to barracks or losing a payday's was a torment too for men who were eager forrest and amusement 1918 Sep 10 Leave to UK 14 days 1919 February Medical Officer reported that the soldier was well nourished and developed appears slightly nervous pulse rate 94 increased to 105 on exertions. 1919 Feb 20 Disability Examination 1919 Mar 22 Demobilized The process and timing of the demobilisation of a soldier after the war depended on h~s. terms of service. Soldiers of the regular army who were still serving their normal period of colour service remained in the army until their years were done. Men who had volunteered or who were conscripted for war service generally followed the routine described below.
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