WWI War Diary Of Sapper. John Lockhart No. 134163. Royal Engineers 222 Field Company, 241st Artizan Work Co.

JOHN LOCKHART ROYAL ENGINEERS 222 FIELD COMPANY John lockhart was inborn 1883. He was employed as a stonemason and bricklayer with Dennis 8: Co. Builders. He was 5'6" weighed 155 lbs his chest was 39" and his vision 6/6. He was married and living at 150 High Street, Dalkeith on 11 October 1915. He enlisted with his brother Robert in Dalkeith at the age of 32 years and 5 months. He joined Royal Engineers 222 Field Company 241st Artizan Works Company at Chatham Kent where the Regimental Headquarters and the Royal School of Military Engineering was based. He trained and was based there until 13 April 1916. His service number was 134163 and his rank was Sapper which is the equivalent of a Private. The sapper corps of the British army is responsible for construction of fortifications camps airfields roads and railways demolition operations and mining operations. The Royal Engineers were also responsible in overseas theaters for the supply of water and curiously the operation of the military postal system. Date of Enlistment 11 October 1915 Place of Enlistment Dalkeith Midlothian Scotland Service No 134163 Rank Sapper Corps Served Royal Engineers Units and divisions 222 Field Company 24151 Artizan Works Co. Theatre of War France &Flanders Medals Victory medal RE101 B72 Page 15337 British medal RE101 B72m Page 15337 Place of discharge Chatham England Date of discharge 22 March 1919 On 21 February 1916 the Germans launched a ferocious offensive on the French at Verdun which continued until November. The French appealed to the British to counter-attack the Germans to relieve the pressure because the Germans were 'bleeding their army white'.Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig (1861-1928) the British Commander in Chief however was not prepared to launch any attack on the Germans until at least July 1916 and then only after reinforcements had arrived from Britain. He also wanted to ensure that there were sufficient ammunition stocks and stores accumulated and that appropriate preparations had been made. MILITARY RECORD r1915-0ct 1111916 April 14 I EiiliSted-·--------··--------·-------·-----------·---·---------.-00-----.-.--.---.---------.-.-.----.-.------------1 John transferred from Base Depot to-Royal ·Engineers C-ompany Base Depot and embarked 1 for British Expeditionary Forces (BEF). I \ I 1916 June 191916 July 1 I III! !(Soldiers remained at abase depot prior to assignment to afield unit.) I Joined unit from base. Admitted 19th Field Artillery 1 The offensive was finally launched on 1 July and became known as the battle of theSom-me-­ it ended on 18 November 1916. The preparation for the battle of the Somme for the field engineers was much the same as in previous battles. It was in the rear areas that the work of the engineers was different and varied. Army Troops and rear engineers unit were heavily involved in: Improving the rail and road links to the front. I I Ensuring that there were sufficient supplies of water for the troops. I Constructing accommodation for the concentration of the troops in this the invention I of the Nissen hut by Major Peter Nissen Royal Engineers helped although most \accommodation was a wooden framed hut covered by tarpaulins erected by the Royal I Engineers. I During the battle the field engineers were engaged in assisting the infantry to negotiate I obstacles improving the lines of communications immediately behind the front line Ito allow reserves to move forward and ensuring that water was available to the frontline I L _______ ~_. troops. _______________________________ _J
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