'A Rough Idea of my War Diary on a larger scale then my Pocket Book’ by Cpl. Herbert Henry Roots. No 10668 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 1st and 19th Battalion.

"them as to the cy o 1 e'.d i vision' guard in the afternoon of the 17th August after the Battalion had returned from a route march while staying at Hannappes we hod to goon a route march every morning increasing the number of miles each today keep us fit ^nd for exercise jn the evening we practised bayonet fighting and other things that are done v/hile infighting the field. Ye enjoyed our rest and stay at that place the. inhabit­ants were very sociable people and would give us anything. \^e left pannappes on the 21st Aug. and had to do avery long and weary march and it was avery hot day. We rested well that night in billets •but had to start on another long and weary march early the next morning Aug.22nd. We could not find billets so had to sleep in afield and it rained hard during the little time we were there. We ware only there a few hours when we got the order to move very early about 2.30 in the morning of the 23rd Aug. which happened to1 be Sunday we had avery long march and left the old battlefields of V'itarloo and Kalplaque on our left v/e crossed the Belgian frontier about I p/30 A.jii. we received cigars cigarettes and matches while passing through the villages. The Officers were very strict onus, and we were not allowed to receive drinks or fruit.while Mon the'.‘ 1 1 march which I think was a good idea because it used to cause a lot of confusion in the ranks men getting out of their places to rjeceiye the articles and so cause bad marching. We arrived at a little village just outside Mons and went to rest in a little farm while ."9 u - i the cycle division went out scouting. It was here that I first ¦-¦¦¦¦«t•I(t -.!¦experienced my first shellfire and I can tell you that-a good many- of us nearly jumped out of our shoes when the first 'shell dropped close to us but after that I seemed to take no notice o I asw no one hurt. A few of our men belonging
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