'A Rough Idea of my War Diary on a larger scale then my Pocket Book’ by Cpl. Herbert Henry Roots. No 10668 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 1st and 19th Battalion.

afternoon. I was sorry to leave them and all the guevrd volunteered ho stay on duty there "but we were not allowed so '.we.diBmount^fnr^ 3. of ‘he roads there s w a little-shop which also sold "beer and wine. There were alsc several other houses which were occupied hut.only by women their husbands being at the front and the older men on guard the bridge in the neighbourhood. We got several hot drinks from thuin %iill during the night ‘a.nd there were six of onus guard having two ¦'V .be^ts and the Lee. fjorpl. im charge. The first sentry on one beat, his beat was about 600 yards long was soon invited to supper qf which he took advantage and left his post although he could see if anyone passed his beat but 11 v/ent well. In the morning we went to the shop the Cori.l and I and bought butter cheese and sent the young lad for some bread yris mother then made us twosome hot coffee and put ^drop of rum in it and we were taken inside to the kitchen where we had a good breakfast. After we had finished the mistress stood on a chair and pointed to the clock we wondered what., she wxs trying to do but with the aid of our french book we found out that she was inviting a.11 the guard to dinner at 12 o'clock. Of course we readily accepted the invitation and while off duty her little girl aged about 12 tried hard to te^ch us a little French Language but we were a bit too thick. 12 08clock came and five of the seven thit left two men on deitjiry went into dinner 'we sat down to a neatly laid table and first drunk our soup then the i i -.mistress brought in roast duck gEeen peas and potatoes and there was plenty of good French bread and I can tell you we did full justice to it.Y/hen we had finished two men went out to relieve the other two¦ C {-:.‘sentries who came in and had a good meal also ^here was also plenty of beer on the t-a-ble for those who wanted it. We had a most en^oy- ¦ :0S. '„able time and they gave us chocolate before we dismounted in the
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