'A Rough Idea of my War Diary on a larger scale then my Pocket Book’ by Cpl. Herbert Henry Roots. No 10668 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 1st and 19th Battalion.

' L a¦¦Y 4 andre the lads used to §njoy^heii?4|8^^ trust v/e entrained Ht Httrvreiin d'isK i¦:¦¦':f- Y T e arrived in camp in the early afternoon and sere very glad t o 'get j . a rest after our march and on the water all night t^e were notv-- iI¦•.¦ allowed out hut with the aid of a lad about 14 years of age^.whoK was but English could speak Very fzcod French we were abler to-‘send! children into tovm to purchase anything we but wonted they would not take money for their journey all they wanted was a small 'f‘ j<vi\ s’. scuvenier a brass coat button or anything we like to give them*'? '.''''¦’k ’-.Our stay there was very short but we were taken to have a-bathiijiln-, the sea every morning while there morning dip. On the 15th of Auyust v/e morning and eventually arrived at a small the train and after a meal we marched a few miles -^to Hannappes Hannappes is a small village in the worth East centre of Fraaicdir~ This is where our small French books which we had ¦already Aldershot came in very handy. words but used to show the person whom we wanted to speSi -to-:-r words in the book then the -/-understood all right. was put 1 ¦on- “5 -&•-v f s I -¦:police atone of the shops where they sold almost- .anything 'ihcluding-fi p>| beer and wine. The soldiers v/e re not allov/ed to buy beer or wine :an d-.?.!¦¦-r it was my duty to stop the shopkeeper from selling it ito them. ¦!¦if Ii:{ had a lot of offers of drinks from some of the old i soldiers-:and"y :)"\t several tried to bribe me although I was only a"T?ommyn myself^dt . i 'the time. I had to do my duty and I did it The shop closed early 1•- i 4”¦" ji being Sunday I6th August. At night our platoon was: on duty and had./-*&J to find several guards i was acting storeman at the time wand a s---i' •.\m excused all other duties But this night I volunteered- to 'go:onf ir:- 1 *«?.J f r S Sg<.t ''guard under a Lance Corporal who was a great chum-of mine and.'as luck would have it we happened to be onguard at roads one of which led along the'” b&nk of_ : o
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