'A Rough Idea of my War Diary on a larger scale then my Pocket Book’ by Cpl. Herbert Henry Roots. No 10668 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 1st and 19th Battalion.

A Rough Idea of^my Diary on a larger'eoale than-my-i Written from my pocket'book and memory hile in• ji !:I' rjM ii At the time ^ar was.-declared my Regiment the on the 5th August vK T uiry.v received the order to ha readyto'moya::-in everyone was overjoyed to thlnlc - 3w^S^ i^g^ ^erefg tha?Hth6§. chance to "Get At” the Germans. On: tha .moMIngvgf ^tnaii3iBt1r?:.'W ‘/¦r :¦ir: moved off very quietly about 5 -:time in the-morning except'“a -few' Bar^S^.^mQiipl )to sea the jbr husband a off to‘ thQ 5 South Stafforda at la Havre and about four miles was supposed to have M r t i ii&m been ¦:the ^ottaat year till that time. That wis iB " tha mostly reservists fell out of ranka --¦ owingXtor^tlke^-"- i : t .j: «.'V i-fci •*'hill climbing that had to!.ha/'dpne^ because our Regiment alwayBV had'v 'a^veiry both at home and abroad those whd could not stay lot were brought to- paajp?!^S^
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