WWI War Diary of Ronald Hurbert Mungo Park, M.C. 2nd Lieutenant, Irish Guards

and picked up Chapman (SG) killed at BOISINGHE in July 1917 and a Grenadier officer. On the way to TREUX we saw a Hun plane being archied and it was quite thrilling to us to watch the archies bursting all around it but never quite hitting it. We reached TREUX in time for lunch and were very glad to find the Company which consisted of SEMPER WRIGHT (CG) in Command Tommy Tallents (IG) u 2 lin Command Percy Kent (SG) (Percy) Harter (Grenadier Guards GG) Charles Hartley (CG) (Charles) Sursham (CG) (Swisham) DeSalis(IG) (Sally) Tommy was commanding at the moment as Semper was in hospital and the Company had just outcome of the line. Semper rejoined a few days later. TREUX was atypical little French village which had remained just outside the fighting area although Uhlans had been through it in 1914 but otherwise it was untouched. The mess was in the estaminet owned by a cantankerous old lady who was always complaining of our servants. Coltman and I shared a small room opposite and the men were billeted in barns and cowsheds. We stayed at TREUX for 16 days while there FATHER DU MOULIN BROWNE joined us. I have never experienced such cold as we had there. We used to pile everything we had on our beds and even then we could not sleep and as we could get very little fuel for the mess we sat and shivered in all the warm things that we possessed. However we managed to get some quite good skating on some flooded fields Percy and Harter lorry jumping into Amiens to buy skates. While at TREUX we did a good deal of training and I got to know the men. I was posted to the IG. Section which was in charge of Sally and though I felt a pretty raw recruit I soon got on all right with the men as they were an awfully nice lot -all Irishmen. We took part in a big sham attack before some French Generals our part being to put up a big barrage from a hill outside TREUX. We made lots of noise and the infantry let off hundreds of smoke bombs so we made quite a good display. My second Battalion was at VILLE the next village and I dined with one of the companies there and met Kane Red Paget and others that I had known at Warley. 4
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