WWI War Diary of Ronald Hurbert Mungo Park, M.C. 2nd Lieutenant, Irish Guards

Ronald Hubert Mungo Park MC 2n d Lieutenant Irish Guards Enlisted (under Derby Scheme) Joined the Artists Rifles Got my commission in the Irish Guards At Warley until Machine Gun Course at Grantham until Caterham until Burton Court until Epsom until 10I h December 1915 26lh February 1916 18I h August 1916 20lh September 19163 rd November 1916 Beginning of December 15lh December 1916 20th January 1917 Left England 20lh January 1917 I left Waterloo on 20th of January 1917. Muriel Mother Moonie and Tibzet being thereto see us off. With me were McGrath (Irish Guards IG.) Coltman (Coldstream Guards CG.) and Purvis (Scots Guards SG.). We arrived at Southampton at luncheon time and waited there until the evening when we crossed to Havre. We had a good passage and reached Harve at about 1.2.m.(sic) Had great difficulty in finding where we were togo and after waiting about on the quay for sometime we got a lorry and with five other Coldstreamers we were driven to the Guards Base at Harfleur. No one knew anything about us there but at last we found the Mess Sergeant who got tents for us and found us some food. This was my 38th birthday. I found myself sharing a tent with Samuelson (CG) who was killed later on. The Mess here was very good but crowded and we felt the cold terribly as there was a great shortage of coal and the weather was bitter. Jumbo Royds was in command. Mac and I managed to have quite an amusing time and saw all the sights of Le Havre. We stayed at Harfleur for three days and then got orders to proceed to CAMIERS (Machine Gun Base MGB) where we remained for two days intents again and weather bitterly cold with snow. Mess overcrowded and food bad, altogether a depressing spot. Purvis Coltman and I then got orders to join our companies Purvis being posted to the third Brigade Coltman and Ito the second Brigade. We left CAMIERS about 4 AM on morning having spent the night on chairs in the mess and were driven in a lorry to ETAPLES where after along and cold wait we entrained and arrived at ROUEN in the early morning of the next day. We had rather an amusing journey somewhat marred by our 2
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