World War II, Volume 5

troops at Arnhem begins. Hitler orders the formation of the "Volks- sturm ”.26. 8th Army crosses the Rubicon. 30. Germans surrender in Calais. October 2. Polish Home Army capitulates in Warsaw. R.A.F. breaches seawall at Walcheren Island. 4. Operation "Manna” :British forces inland Greece. 9. Third Moscow Conference. 10. Tank battle begins near Debrecen. Three Soviet corps destroyed. 12. British paratroops capture Athens airport. 13. Germans launch V-weapons against Antwerp. U.S. 1st Army enters Aix-la-Chapelle. 14. Athens cleared by the British. Rommel commits suicide. 16. Skorzenny kidnaps Nicholas Horthy and forces Admiral Horthy to withdraw request for armistice. 18. Chiang Kai-shek demands Stilw ells resignation. 19. Moscow Conference ends. Hitler orders the destruction of Warsaw. 20. U.S. 6th Army invades Leyte. 22. Scheldt estuary cleared. Mine- sweeping operations begin. 23. Decisive Battle of Leyte Gulf starts. 25. Battle off Cape Engano. 26. Leyte Gulf ends. Japanese lost four carriers and about 500 planes Americans lose one light carriei and two escort carriers. 27. Kamikaze attacks onU.S. Task Force 38 in Phillipines. Canadians landon South Bevelland and linkup with the British. 29. R.A.F. Lancasters bomb Tirpitz with 000-lb 12 bombs. 30. Last gassing at Auschwitz. 31. R.A.F. Mosquitoes destroy Ges­tapo H.Q. at Aarhus. November 1. Canadians landon W alcheren Island. Allies seize Westkapelle. 2 .14th Army takes Mawlu in Burma. 3. Allies occupy Flushing. 7. Roosevelt elected President for fourth term Truman as Vice-Presi­ dent. Victor Sorge executed in Japan. 12. R.A.F. Lancasters sink the Tirpitz in Tromso Fjord. 18. U.S. 3rd Army crosses German frontier. 24. Allies cross the Saar and French take Strasbourg. B-29s raid Tokyo from the Marianas for the first time. 25. U.S. troops breakout of the Hurtgen forest. Kamikaze attacks onU.S. Navy near Luzon and in Leyte Gulf. 26. Port of Antwerp opened for shipping but subject to V-l and V-2 attacks. 27. Cordell Hull resigns Edward Stettinius nominated as U.S. Secretary of State. December 2. De Gaulle arrives in Moscow for talks with Stalin. 3. Home Guard stands down in Britain. 4. Athens under martial law after riots. 7. U.S. troops land near Ormoc on Leyte island. 8. U.S.A.A.F. begins 72-day bom­bardment of Iwo Jima. 10. 14th Army reaches Indaw. 12. 8th Army establishes bridge­head across the Naviglio Canal. U.S. troops capture V-weapon plant at Wittring. 13. 7th Army captures Niederroe- dern. 3rd Army captures Metz. 2100
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