World War II, Volume 5

18. Germans counter-attack in Arnhem sectors. Brest capitulates. 19. U.S. and British troops meet at Nijmegen. 20. Finns and Russians sign pro­visional peace treaty. British and U.S. troops take Nijmegen bridges. 21. Polish parachute brigade lands in Arnhem area. 23. Dortmund-Ems canal breached in R.A.F. night raid. 25. Evacuation of surviving para- 28. Russians enter Transylvania. Last garrison in Marseilles surren­ders Toulon cleared of Germans. 30. Russians take Ploie§ti. 31. British 2nd Army reaches Amiens captures Somme bridge intact. 8th Army attacks on the Gothic Line. Russians take Bucha­rest. Montgomery promoted to Field-Marshal. September I. British enter Arras Canadians take Dieppe Rouen Americans clear Verdun. 8th Army penetrates Montegridolfo position in the Gothic Line. 3. British 2nd Army liberates Brussels. French capture Lyons. 4. British 2nd Army liberates Ant­werp. 5. Rundstedt appointed C.-in-C. West. 6. Home Guard training ended in Britain. Canadians invest Calais. 8. Russians enter Bulgaria un­opposed. Bulgaria declares war on Germany. 5th Army begins large scale offensive on the Gothic Line. First V-2 lands in Chiswick West London. 10. Russians capture Prague. II. Second Quebec Conference be­gins. U.S. 1st Army patrol crosses German border near Stalzenburg. 12. German garrison in Le Havre surrenders. 14. Russians enter Warsaw suburb. 15. U.S. 1st Army breaches Sieg­fried Line. Marines landon Peleliu in Palaus. R.A.F. drops 12,000-lb bombs on Tirpitz. 16. End of the Second Quebec Con­ference. 17. Allied 1st Airborne Army lands in Holland near Eindhoven and Arnhem. Canadians begin six day battle for Boulogne. 2099
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