World War II, Volume 3, The Tide Turns

30. Australians renew their attacks at Alamein. November 1. Heavy fighting on Guadalcanal. 2. Operatiorf e'Supercharge” opens at Alamein. Japanese land men and supplies at Tetere. 4. Start of Axis retreat from Alamein. 8. Operation "Torch” :Allied forces inland Algeria and Morocco. Roose­velt broadcasts to the French. 8-9. French resistance to landings at Casablanca and Oran. 11. Axis troops invade unoccupied France. The Darlan Incident-A d­ miral Darlan agrees to co-operate with the Allies. 19. Red Army opens winter offensive. Pincer attacks on Stalingrad. 23. 6th Army surrounded at Stalin­grad. 27. German troops enter Toulon. French scuttle fleet according to plan. 28. Soviet offensive liberates huge areas of Russia. December 2. Professor Fermi upsets atomic reactor in Chicago. Beveridge Report on Social Security issued in U.K. 9. Relief of 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal. 12. Germans launch counter-attack to relieve Stalingrad. 13. Rommel retreats from El Agheila. 18. Australian and U.S. troops in fierce fighting on Papua. Man- steins counter-attack is halted. 24. Darlan assassinated. 28. Hitler agrees to withdraw Army Group "A ”from Caucasus. January 3. Germans start withdrawal from Caucasus. 5. Mark Clark appointed U.S. 5th Army Commander. 8. Rokossovsky sends surrender de­mand to 6th Army at Stalingrad. 10. Meeting between Hitler and Antonescu. 14-23. Casablanca Conference. 18. Russian attack at Leningrad. 27. First U.S.A.A.F. attack on Ger­many. 31. Paulus capitulates at Stalingrad. February 1-8. Japanese evacuation of Guadal­canal. 2. Remaining German forces at Stalingrad surrender. 2-20. Russian drives across the Donets. 5. Mussolini dismisses Ciano and Grandi. 14-22. Battle of Kasserine. 17. Guderian appointed Inspector of Panzers. 18. 77th Brigade (the Chindits) crosstheChindwin.M ansteinbegins counter-offensive. 28. Norwegian commandos destroy heavy water installations. March 2-4. Battle of the Bismarck Sea. 7. Rommel leaves Africa. 14. K harkkov recaptured by the Germans. 18. The Chindits cross the Irrawaddy. 20-26. The Battle of M areth. 26. Battle of Komandorski Islands. 31. Russians advance in the K uban. April 1-22. Axis withdrawal in North Africa. 6. 8th Army attacks at Wadi Akarit. 7. Patton links up with Montgomery. 18. Death of Yamamoto shot down by U.S. fighters. 19. Rising in Warsaw Ghetto as Germans move to clear remaining Jews. 21. Washington discloses that Japanese have beheaded U.S. air­men captured in Tokyo raid. 23. Hitler orders "utmost severity” in Warsaw operations. May I. Germans driven from Jefna. 3. M ateur captured by U.S. II Corps. Germans counter-attack inK uban. 3-13. The Battle of Tunisia. 7. U.S. 34th Div. enters Bizerta. British 7th Armoured Div. enters Tunis. II. Axis forces start to surrender on Cape Bon. Final count 275,000 prisoners. 11-29. U.S. forces recapture Attu in the Aleutians. 29 of the 2,500 garrison are captured. 12. Arnim surrenders the end of the Afrika Korps. 15-25. Trident Conferences in Washington. 1260
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