World War II, Volume 2, The Global War

29. Germans breakthrough in Crimea. 30. Bock attacks Moscow from the north-west. November 3. Germans capture Kursk. Yama­ motos plan to attack the U.S. fleet is approved. 9. Germans capture Yalta. Royal Navy sinks two Italian convoys. 14. The Ark Royal sinks while being towed to Gibraltar after a torpedo attack. 16. Germans capture Kerch. 17. British raid German H.Q. in Libya hoping to kill Rommel. 18. Operation "Crusader” :second Western Desert campaign opens. 19. British 8th Army reaches Sidi Rezegh. German raider Kormoran and Australian cruiser Sydney sink each other in battle off Australian coast. 20. Tank battle at Sidi Rezegh. 23. Rommel destroys South African 5th Brigade. 24. Auchinleck orders "Attack and pursue” 25. Barham sunk off Solium. 26. Japanese carrier fleet sails. U.S. demands Japanese withdrawal from China. 27. Panzers stopped 19 miles short of Moscow. 28. Germans forced out of Rostov. December 1. Russians counter-attack at Tula. 6. Beginning of Soviet counter­attack at Moscow. 7. Japan declares war onU.S. Pearl Harbor attacked. Japanese inland Siam and Malaya. Singapore bombed. 8408. Allies declare war on Japan. Russia remains neutral. Japanese begin land sea attacks on Hong Kong bomb Guam Midway Wake Island and the Philippines. 10. Relief of Tobruk. Prince of Wales and Repulse sunk. Japanese landon Luzon. 11. Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S. 12. List replaces Bock. Royal Navy inaction off Cape Bon. Withdrawal from Hong Kong mainland positions begins. 15. British withdrawal in Malaya, Burma. 17. British advance to Gazala line. Japanese inland north Borneo. 18. Japanese landon Hong Kong. 19. Italian frogmen cripple the Queen Elizabeth and Valiant in Alexandria harbour. 22. Japanese inland Lingayen Gulf. First Washington conference starts. 24. Japanese capture Wake Island. 25. British enter Benghazi. Hong Kong surrenders. 26. Japanese advance to Ipoh after breakthrough of Perak river defences. Russian units landon Kerch peninsula. 27. Commando raids on Germans at Vaagso and Lofoten Islands. 29. Russians retake Kerch' and Feodosiya. 31. South Africans attack Bardia. Japanese within 30 miles of Manila. January 1. United Nations Declaration signed by 26 nations in Washington. 2. Japanese occupy Manila. Britain, U.S. U.S.S.R. China and 22 other Allies pledge themselves not to make separate peace. 9. Russian forces enter Smolensk province. 10. A.B.D.A. Command setup under Wavell. 11. Japanese enter Kuala Lumpur. 13. Conference of Allied govern­ments in London pledges to punish war criminals. 16. Japanese invade Burma from Siam. Heavy U.S. losses on the Bataan peninsula. 20. "Wannsee Conference” under Heydrich decides on "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem”. 23. Japanese land at Rabaul, Kavieng and Balikpapan. Russians breakthrough between Lake Ilmen and Smolensk. Australia appeals to U.K. U.S. for reinforcements. 27. Formation of Chiefs-of-Staff Committee Pacific Council Anglo- U.S. Raw Materials Board. 28. Timoshenko advances into Ukraine. Rommel recaptures Benghazi. 30. British forces withdraw into Singapore demolish causeway. February 2. 8th Army stabilises line Gazala- Bir Hakeim. 3. Japanese begin air attacks on Port Moresby. 4. Japanese demand unconditional surrender of Singapore. Rommel captures Derna. Beaverbrook ap­pointed Minister of Production. 5. Reinforcements arrive at Singa­pore. 7. Japanese landon Singapore. 8. Dr. Speer succeeds Dr. Todt. 9. Japanese take M artaban land at Makassar. 12. Scharnhorst Gneisenau P n n z Eugen escape from Brest in "Channel Dash”.
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