World War II, Volume 2, The Global War

24. Hood and Prince of Wales engage Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. Hood sunk. 25. Heavy infighting Crete. Bis­marck evades pursuers. 26. Bismarck located and disabled by aircraft torpedo. Freyberg orders withdrawal to Sphakia. 27. Bismarck sunk. Germans take Canea. Decision to evacuate Crete. 28. British evacuate Heraklion. 30. Iraq revolt collapses. June 1. British enter Baghdad. 2. Hitler and Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass. Vichy introduces lawson the status of Jews. 8. British Australian Indian and Free French forces invade Syria. 15. Operation "Battleaxe” begins, mission to relieve Tobruk. 21. Damascus occupied by Free French forces. Auchinleck replaces Wavell as C.-in-C. Middle East. 22. Operation "Barbarossa” begins: Germany invades Russia. 23. Hungary and Slovakia declare war on the U.S.S.R. The Germans cross the river Bug. 24. Germans take Vilnius Kaunas. 25. Finland attacked by Soviet Air Force. 26. Finland declares war on U.S.S.R. Germans capture Daugavpils river Dvina crossings and Brest-Litovsk after four-day seige. 29. Goring nominated as Hitler’s successor. Stalin Malenkov Voro­ shilov and Beria form Defence Committee. 30. Vichy breaks off relations with the U.S.S.R. July 1. Germans capture Riga. Gu- derians tanks cross the Berezina. 3. Stalin calls for a "scorched earth” operations. 4. Tito announces resistance. 7. Vichy authorises the formation of a legion against Bolshevism. 8. Germany and Italy partition Yugoslavia. 9. Germans take Minsk pocket and Vitebsk. 11. Cease-fire in Syria. Voroshilov, Timoshenko and Budenny appoint­ed commanders of North Central, and South Fronts of the U.S.S.R. 15. Smolensk captured by Army Group "Centre”. 20. Bock orders Guderian to close the Smolensk ring. Stalin has him­self appointed Peoples Commissar for Defence. 22. German attack stopped at Lake Ilmen because of exhaustion. 24. Vichy agrees to Japanese oc­cupation of Indo-China bases. 28. Japanese troops inland Indo-China. Japan freezes British U.S., and Dutch assets. 31. U.S. recognises the Czecho­slovak Government. August 1. U.S. oil embargo on "aggressors”. 3. Kleist Stiilpnagel seal Uman pocket. Mannerheim continues attacks to recover Karelian Isth­mus independently of German plans. 5. Rumanian troops begin 73-day siege of Odessa. Soviet resistance in Smolensk pocket ends. 7. Stalin becomes Supreme Com­mander. 12. Atlantic Charter signed by Churchill and Roosevelt. Army Group "North” advances on Lenin­grad. 19. British and Polish troops begin relief of Australians and Indians in Tobruk. 24. Russians counter-attack at Gomel inflict heavy losses on the Rumanians at Odessa. Finns sur­round Russians at Vyborg. 25. British and Russian troops enter Persia. Commando raid on Spits­bergen. 26. British take Abadan. 27. British in Shahabad Persian Government resigns. Assassination attempt on Laval. 28. Cease-fire in Persia Ali Furughi forms government. 29. Russians evacuate Karelian Isthmus. September I. Timoshenko counter-attacks in Gomel sector. 3. First use of gas chamber in Auschwitz. 5. German complete the occupation of Estonia. 8. Leningrad cutoff by German tanks. 9. Persian Government accepts Anglo-Soviet terms. II. Roosevelt gives the "shoot on sight” order to the U.S. Navy. 12. First snow on the Eastern Front slows down the German offensive. 15. Kleists and Guderians tanks meet at Lokhvitsa trapping four Soviet Armies. Seige of Leningrad begins. 17. Stavka orders the Soviet with­drawal from the Kiev area. 18-25. Battle of annihilation in Kiev pocket. 19. Germans capture Kiev. 22. Greek King George II arrives in London. 23. De Gaulle forms National Committee. 26. Hitler orders offensive against Moscow. Winter conditions halt heavy fighting east of Kiev. 28. First Arctic convoy leaves Ice­land for Russia. 29. Massacre of Jews in Kiev. October 2. Germans launch fierce attack on Moscow. 7. Panzer spearheads seal off the Vyazma Bryansk pockets. Reli­gious freedom in Russia announced. 8. Germans take Orel. 16. Soviet Government leaves Mos­cow for Kuybyshev. 20. Japanese Navy prepares for Pearl Harbor attack. 21. General Zhukhov appointed commander of outer defences of Moscow. 24. Germans take Kharkov. 839
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