Notes from the Boer War. By Llewelyn Alexander WRIGHT. 1st. (Volunteer) Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Monday Nov 18th Went fishing in the river and caught two nice fish the first I believe I have ever caught. Expected letters from home but the afternoon turned out stormy raining thundering and lightning the lightning the most awful I have yet seen inS. Africa. Tuesday Nov 19 th Letters from England arrive I receive two one from home with the welcome news that grandmothers eyesight is alright again I also posted five letters for the old country. In the afternoon another storm outbreaks and lasts well into the evening. Wednesday Nov 20 th Captain M. Jones comes to see for us and more letters and papers arrive I receive two papers. Thursday Nov 21 st Nothing of importance only we hear that Methuen's Hekewick and Kick's columns are in Klerksdorp refitting. I and another fellow get leave togo down the following today see if we can drop across any Townies as the Welsh Yeomanry are supposed to be with Methuen. Friday Nov 22 Wend start for Klerksdorp half past seven in the morning. We call at Corpl Davies B-House and Tom Ellis of Chirk joins us and a Mold fellow from Corporal Evan's B-H comes as well. We had left Corpl Evans B-H a mile behind when we met General Wilson Staff and escort going round the B-H to inspect them. He told his Brigade Major to enquire of us where we were going. To "Klerksdorp" we replied "For what" says the Major "For groceries to the Field Force Canteen" we replied again. The last two fellows that joined us were without rifles and bandoliers as they were in the B-H
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