WWII Autobiography. “A Full Life” Stanley John Doughty. 12th Royal Lancers

Page 41 had in Tatsfield and we still feel a great deal of affection for the village. Brian and Michael both married and moved away as did Kathleen and we were left on our own again. Out of the blue one night came a heart attack. I had been digging and laying new soil drains in the front. I felt an elephant sitting on my chest. Edna ran tome Bromley Hospital at 1 o'clock in the morning where I was admitted into intensive care processed through the system and eventually discharged. We realized that we could not continue to live at "Merrythought" so made preparations to sell which we eventually did for 140000 buying the present flat in Bromley for £108,000. Since then we have changed our life completely spending much time outside the flat either on bus rides or walking in the neighbouring countryside. We also have been on many holidays allover the world and have made many friends in many different countries. Our health is good providing we remember our limitations and we enjoy life to the full. Membership of SERVAS brings us many visitors from other lands and we feel that in offering them hospitality we are working in a small way for peace and abetter understanding between the nations.
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