WWII War Diary of William Robert Garden, Merchant Navy

CODES USED/- PRIVATE. THE BOE CODE. SCOTTS (I 906) IOT^ EDITION WATKINS WIT HAPPEN DIX. LOMBARDS. NEWBOE. LTD. J.&J.DENHOLM Shipbrokers 23 Octavia Terrace.Greenock. 37 Ren FieldS r GLASGOW. Milburn RO. House Box 42. NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE I. Managers Th eDen h o lm Shipping C 9 LT °Th eDen h o lm Line Steamers Ltd 5.5. H o lm park. S.S. Glen park .5.5. C lune park S.S. Grange park. Mr Wm R. Garden 2nd Officer London Off iceD enholm. C oates &CoLt d „19/21 Bury Street. London E.C.3. Telegraphic Addresses:- Denho lm.G lasg ow. Denholm.G reenock. Denholm Ald. London. Denholm Newcastle. Telephone Numbers :-2276(5 lines) Greenock. 5571 Central. Glasgow.( 3 LINES) 9001 Mansion House. London 24225 Newcastle-on-Tyne. G arelochhead Office:- J.&J. Den h o l m Ltd ..Be morel H o use, G are loch head .Telegraph/ c Add res s:- Denholm. Garelochhead Telephone N? 288 Garelochhead (Ext. I.) 17th July c.O-///' 2 .Dear Sir The following is a list of instructions which we shQll he obliged if you will give them your "best attention. You as senior will officer he in charge of &the party will he responsible for their etc.and conduct you must report as soon as possible after embarkation to the Captain of the carrying vessel, who will wish to confer with you. Seamen going as passengers are on the same basis for disciplinary purposes as the crew of the carrying vessel. When Merchant Seamen travel on Troop Transports ratings (who wil not be entitled to additional payment) should be appointed from stewards to the rest the the seamen talcing in the seamen less than one with the National for Advances on boa- fl(a)n Arrangements are ie o~ra charge wi+h funds so that if up to 4 shillings per day toto to.enable ratings tobacco The o-^i c^r-ln-oh^r^e to act as mess stewards to the rest of party throughout the voyage the number to be not every ten ratings. This arrangement has been agreed Union of Seamen. etc. m a .^e J voyage the purser to provide the Officer-in­ required daily advances maybe made of of-Pi cars an^ two shillings and sixpence to be purchased during the outward of the X th purchased party 'rrust obtain receipts on amounts which «rerecorded as advances of wages. the men that the sterling advances ol should be drawn to meet only the on -pother passengers ,not to 10 sterling out of the voyage and for after legalIv issue Ito is necessary to impress wages during the west-bound voyages above-mentioned expenses on board. While seamen going as passengers are,like restricted from talcing a declared amount up U.K. the arrangement for daily advances during reasonable wage advances in dollars through co arrival in North America obviates the need forth& men. I4 -is desirable they be advised to difficulty they will inexperience exchanging any sterling instill their possession on arrival in North America agents by the voyage sterling being taken this effect and warned Inc all casesprior authority for personnel to proceed to the building mustard be obtained from the M.O.W.T. representative at the port of sembarkation Yours «truly si J .dew holm L
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