The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume IX, The Fourth Year 1917-1918

T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S — continued PAGE From the Field of Conflict to tho Camp of Caro . . 3058 Troops that Triumphed Over the Turks a t K am a die . . 3050 Ancient Ruins and Modern Doings in Mesopotamia . . 30C0 Victorious Advance lo Jerusalem General Allenby's Great Advance in Palestine . . . 3003 Drawing W ater from Wells where Abraham Drank . . 3005 Spanning the Desert, and Encircling .tho Too . . . 30CG Freed by British Bravery from tlie Terrible Turk . . 3007 Clearing the Crescent Off tho Permanent W ay . . . 3008 Forcing the Entrance to Palestine a t G aza. . . . 3009 French Allies W ho Aided in Allenby’s Advance . . . 3070 Persistent Pursuit of the Turk in Palestine. . . . 3071 A sse ts of Sir E dm und Allenby’s Palestine Arm y . . 3072 Won from the Crescent by the New Crusaders . . . 3073 Storming Beersheba with Bomb and Bayonet . . . 3074 W ith General Allenby’s Advance on Jerusalem . . . 3075 Light Belief A m id the Grim Tasks of W ar . . . 3070 Allenby’s Anzacs Beach Jericho and the Jord an . . . 3077 Alert and O n Guard in the Palestine Advance . . . 3078 Events in the Balkans Camera Contrasts from the Macedonian Hills . . . 3080 Innocent Sufferers from Invaded Serbia .... 3081 Stout-Hearted Soldiers of itcsurgent Serbia . . . 3082 In Macedonia from Base to Advanced Lino . . . 3083 Mingled Haps and Mishaps in Macedonia .... 3084 K ing Alexander with the British in the Balkans . . 3085 Mingled Memories of Macedonia’s Many Camps . . . 3080 Behind the Enemy Lines Tcutonising of Turkish Boys in Berlin ..... 3088 Turkish Activity in Syria’s Ancient Capital . . . 30S9 Crown Prince Bupprecht’s Concrete Boudoir . . . 3090 Kaiser W ilhelm Gloats Over Italy at Gorizia . . . 3091 Agents of Prussia’s World-Wiile Espionage. . . . 3092 The Kaiser as Patron of the “ Prince of Hell " . . . 3093 The Modern Attila and His Misled Minions . . . 3094 The W ar by Sea and Air Men W ho Made History at the Zeebrugge Mole. Ofllcer Heroes of the St. George’s Day Bald H .M .S. V indictive: Battered B ut Victorious P E R S O N A L IA O F T H E G R E A T W A R — V IC E- A 1) M I It A S IB R O G E R K E Y E S , K .C .B ....................................... W ith the Navy in the Far Frozen North . Men of the Navy Active ’Mid Arctic Snow and Ice . The Italian David Killing the Austrian Golinth . Last Moments of the Torpedoed Transport Medio Gloating Pirates Give Proof of their Guilt . Seaplane and Destroyer versus Submarines . Crewless Cargo Boats to Outw it the Pirates Justicla’s Twenty-four Hour Fight Against Eight Pirates British Airm an’s Marvellous Exploit .... L6ap for Life from an Observation Balloon French Methods of Meeting tho Zeppelin Menace " Take Cover— The British are Coming " Activity and Accuracy of tho Allies’ Airmen Beauty and Brutality Am id the Moonlit Skies . Betwixt the “ Take Cover ” and the “ All C lear” Flying Men W ho Held Ascendancy Over the Foe Air Men and Methods in the Old World and tho New P E R S O N A L IA O F T H E G REA T WAR—REAR-ADMIRA SIR R E G IN A L D Y . T Y R W H IT T , K.C.B. . Golden Deeds of Heroism Conspicuous Courage that Won the Coveted V.C. Brave Men and Women Honoured for Heroism . Brave Men Decorated for Devotion to Duty Officers and Men W ho Have W on Orders and Medals. Sailors and Soldiers Honoured for Gallant Deeds Chaplains Honoured for Gallantry in the Field . English Soldiers' Deeds of Dash and Daring W inning the Coveted Cross for Valour’s Wear . . For V alour! More Heroes of the Victoria Cross . British Bravery versus Teuton Treachery Sailors and Soldiers Decorated for Heroism 3093 3099 3101 3103 3104 3105 3100 3107 3108 3109 3110 3111 3112 3113 3115 3110 3117 3118 3119 3121 3122 3123 3120 3127 3128 3129 3130 3131 3132 3133 3134 3135 313G W om an’s Work in the Fourth Year Devotion to D uty of the Sisterhood of Service . Daughters of Empire in Diverse Employments . Women Who Answorcd D uty ’s Buglc-Call . Caro of the W ounded from Battlefield to Base . W illing Women Workers : Helpmeets for Heroes Varied Work for W hich Women have Volunteered W omen’s W ar W ork in England and France Varied and Wonderful W ar W ork of the “ Waacs *' Industrious Eve in the Garden of England W omen’s Splendid Work as Veterinary Surgeons How Our Women Worked to W in the W ar Civilian Service Hel|*s Active W ar Service . Wonderful W ar W ork of the Em pire’s Women . “ Wrens ” at W ork at the Greenwich R .N . College Dames of the New Order of the British Em pire. Peeps at Britain in W ar Time W ar’s Sidelights on Everyday Lite in England . House-Party of Heroes in a Stately Home . German Prisoners “ A t H o m e ” in Southam pton. W illing Workers At Home Helping to W in the W ar After Three Y e ars: Heroes of Mons Come Homo Scarred Heroes Reach the Sanctuary of Home . Our Oldest Ally and Our Youngest Auxiliaries . Little Journeys lo the W ar A t an Aircraft Repairing Depot................................... The Artist’s Sketches of a “ Little Journey ” Above and Below Ground In Buined Ypres An Old French Hostelry in the W ar Zone. The D ay’s Round with the " Heavies ” A t Brigade Headquarters in a Deep Dug-Out Incidents Depicted by Our Artist The Editor’s Story of His German Helmet . World-Wide Echoes of the W ar Tho Queen of the Adriatic and the H oly City . Venice Preserved and Jerusalem Delivered . Inter-Co*opcration Against the World Enemy Energy and Endurance from Flanders to Italy . Peaceful Contrasts with the Waste of W ar. Vignettes from Thrco Far Fields of the W ar How Christmas Camo to Our Soldiers and Sailors Where W ar was Waged from Belgium to Bagdad Modern Deviecs in Use for the Destruction of Man Pride in Freedom’s Fighters Far and Near. Lighter Moments on Far-Sundered Ways of W ar Upon the Hazardous Edge of Life and Death . Democracy Tests Autocracy with Terms of Peace Captain Sword and Captain Pen at Brest Litovsk Brought to the Fore by Bevolution in Russia . Where Self-Sacriflce Flamed from West to E a s t. Glimpses of East Africa from a German Camera E xit the Enemy from “ German ’’ East Africa . Soldiers of Japan Ready for Any Emergency Records of the Regiments W ith the Scots Greys in Franco The West Ridings ...... The Fighting Warwicks Dream of Victory . The Middlesex ....... The 7th Australian Infantry The Highland Light Infantry .... The Kensingtons ...... Famous Regiments that Held Up Teuton Hordes The Royal Irish Fusiliers ..... The East Kents ...... The Lincolns ................................................................... 3rd South African Infantry .... The Seaforth H ig h la n d e rs ............................................ The Wiltshircs ....... Seven “ Somersets ’’ Capture Forty-two Huns The Newfoundlanders ..... The N ortham pton ...... Daring Deeds of Bonier Men and Midlanders The Dorset Y e o m a n r y ............................................ T h e R o il of H o n o u re d D e a d . 3217-3228 * D ia ry of th e W a r .... 3229-3240 PAGE 3188 3139 3140 3141 3142 3143 3144 3145 31 10 3147 3118 3149 3150 3151 3152 3154 3155 3150 3157 3158 3159 3100 3101 3103 3105 3107 3109 3171 3173 3175 3178 3179 3180 3181 3182 3183 3184 3185 3180 3187 3188 3189 3190 3191 3192 3193 3191 3195 3190 3197 3198 3199 3200 3202 3203 3204 3205 3200 3207 3208 3209 3210 3211 3212 3213 3214 3215 3210
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