The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume IX, The Fourth Year 1917-1918

r 3240 DIARY OF THE GREAT WAR 1918 July 4.— Australian troops assisted by detachments of American infantry capture village of Hamel and woods of Vaire and Hamel overtaking 1500 prisoners. July 5.— British air raid on Coblenz and Saarbriicken. July 6.— Count Mirbach German Ambassador at Moscow, assassinated. Italians clear whole of the Piavc delta. Franco-Italian advance in Albania between the coast and Tomorica Valley over 1000 prisoners. July 7.— British air raid on Constantinople. July 8.— French success on eastern outskirts of Foret de Ret/. They advance three-quarters of a mile and capture Farm of Chavigny and ridges north and south of the farm. Czecho-Slovaks occupy Irkutsk. July 9.— Allied gains in Albania. Announced Italians win the passage of the Vojusa and working down valleys of Devoli and Tomorica threaten fort of Bcrat. French troops carryall crest of Bofnia between Cafa Becit and Mali Gjarper. British monitors aid Italian and French forces. British .gains in neighbourhood of Merris. French gain the Porte Farm and the Farm des Logos. to west of Anthcuil, and south of the Aisne win commanding ground on a two- mile front. Mr. J. E. Clynes new Food Controller. Resignation of Von Kiihlmann German Foreign Secretary. July 10.— French gain village of Corey north of the Otircq. July 11.— Australian troops raid enemy lines near Merris. In Albania French capture crest of Kosnitza Italians capture heights of Cafa Glumaka (S. 1 C .of Berat). July 12.— Prcsenco announced of Allied Force on Murman Coast. French capture Castcl and Auchin Farm (N.W. of Montdidier) with over 600 prisoners and over 80 machine-guns. July 13.— French advance north and south of I.ongpont. Strongly aided by Germans Turks attack British positions covering passages of the Jordan. East of river they arc routed by Indian lancers. To north of Jericho our defences at first penetrated but position fully restored by Australian and New Zealand troops our prisoners totalling 510, including 360 Germans. July 14.— British line advanced cast of Dickebusch Lake 328 prisoners taken. July 15.— German Offensive Resumed. Germans attack French 011 a 50-mile front east and west of Rheims. To cast of latter between Prunav and Massiges enemy is held. To west of Rheims between Coulommes and Fossoy enemy advances three miles and a half at greatest depth,-crossing Marne at Fossoy where Americans counter-attack and take 1000 prisoners. Fighting continues in evening and is particularly violent south of Marne. At end of day the French battle position everywhere intact. July 16.— Great French defence. West of Rheims Germans are held on most of the front only making some ground up the river Marne as far as Reine towards Epernay. Franco- Amcrican troops regain ground at middle of line south of the river north of front St. Agnail— I.a Chappelle gain reaching heights overlooking the Marne Valley. Ex-Tsar Nicholas of Russia shot by Bolshevists. July 17.— In region between Rheims and the Marne enemy reaches Nanteuil and Pourcv but driven back from latter by Italian troops. In Marne Valley Germans take Mont- voisin but fail to dislodge French from commanding positions north of St. Agnan La Chappelle and Monthodon. July 18.-—Great French Counter-attack. General Foch attacks on a front of 27 miles running north to south from- Fontenoy to Bellcau west of aline between Soissons and Chateau- Thierry. The French under General Mangin reach Mont de Paris a mile from Soissons and the valley of the Crisc. At deepest point they advance eight miles 5000 prisoners 1918 and 30 guns taken. Beyond Rheims Prunay is retaken by General Gouraud. July 19.— French continue their progress between Soissons and Chateau T hierry prisoners over 17000 and 360 guns captured. South of Marne they retake Montvoisin. Scottish troops capture village of Meteren in Bailleul sector. British air forces destroy two Zeppelins in sheds at Tondern Schleswig-Holstein. July 20.— Marne Line regained. Germans in retreat rccross the Marne and French hold whole southern bank. Between Soissons and the Ourcq further progress is made by our Ally. French and British troops attacking between the Marne and Rheims win ground. Prisoners exceed 20,coo, and 400 guns captured. White Star liner Justicia torpedoed and sunk off north of Ireland 16 lives lost. July 21.— French retake Chfttcau Thierry. July 22.— Allies cross the Marne at Chassins and Passy near Dormans. Germans continue retreat to the north and south of Ferc-en-Tardenois. East of Rheims General Gouraud reoccupies all his old positions between River Suippes and Massiges. Ju' Y 23.— British regain Marfaux and French continue advance south of the Ourcq. French Stroke near Montdidier. On a four-mile front they advance towards the Avre valley to a depth of nearly two miles capturing Mailly-Raineval Sauvillers and Aubvillers, with over 1800 prisoners. July 24.— British advance north of the Ardre between Vrigny and Ste. Euphraise. Franco-American troops attack in the Marne salient, and drive enemy towards Ferc-en-Tardenois. Along the Marne progress made in Forest of Fere. July 25.— Allies win the Forest of Fere and F6rc is under direct artillery fire. Near Vrigny and north of Oulchy-le- Chateau Allies give a little ground but regain ground near Dormans. Later in the day Oulchy-lc-Cliatcau taken and, farther north Villemontoire. July 20.— Allied advance continued between the Aisne and the .Marne Reuil recovered by French. German retreat starts in this direction and spreads towards the Ardrc and then to the Ourcq. July 27.— Germans in full retreat north of Marne. Allied trocps follow in pursuit reaching the line Bruyercs Villeneuvc- sur-Fere Chaumuzy. The advance is more than nine miles N.E. of Chateau Thierry. July 28.— French take Fere-en-Tardenois and force the passage of the Ourcq. Americans cross the Ourcq and take Scringes. Nesles Sergy and Konchercs. July 29.— Between Soissons and the Ourcq General Mangin s Army reinforced by British troops carry German positions N.E. of Oulchy-lc-CluUcau including the Butte de Chalmont and Grand Rozoy. July 30.— Allies straighten their online the eastern wing and take Rcmigny 011 Dormans-Rheims road and advance north to Saponay. Americans finally retain Scringes which had changed hands several times. Australians capture Merris east of Hazebrouck. Field-Marshal von Eichhorn German Military Dictator in the Ukraine murdered at Kieff. July 31.— Announced that since July 15 (the date of the German offensive) to July 31 the enemy have lost in prisoners 33400 men including 674 officers. Aug. 1 .—New Allied advance nor tho f the Our c q .Aug .2.— French retake Soissons. Aug .3.— British patrols reach the Ancre between Dcrnancourt and Hamel. French reach southern bank of the Aisne on their left. Ambulance transport Warilda torpedoed 123 casualties. Enb of D olum e I XV. O
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