The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume VIII, Ending The First Three Years

r TABLE OF CONTEN TS— continued zii With Horse ami Foot on the Heels of the Hun . Policy’s Feudal Castle Wrecked by Vandal Spite . Dastardly Destruction and Its Avengers W ith the New Belgian Army Belgians* Brave Work on the Flanders Front Belgian Slaves and British Emancipators Fast and West Await the Future with Finn Faith Undaunted Belgian Troops in Vigorous Action The .Martyrdom of Belgium’s Infant Innocents Brk'ian sidelights from the Yscr and District Where the British and Belgian Lines Met . Changing Scenes in Russia Along Russia's Long Line from Riga to Armenia British Soldiers Serving Amid Russian Snows With the British Armoured-Car Section Through the White Sea to the Rugged Caucasus . The New Russia and Her Courageous " Cromwell ” Russia in the Throes of Her Greatest Trial . Cossack Scouts and German Patrol W ith Italy Victorious Heroism and Hardship on the Trent inn Front Italian Intrepidity in the Alps and in the Air Rightcrs of Wrong on the Italian Front Heroes in the Heights of the Dolomites In the Trentino: Italy’s Terrible Task Italian Aerie in the Snow-capped Alps The Crucible of Victory .... General Cadorna’s Warm Tribute to Brithh Arms Brlthh Guns Aid Italy on the Carso Front . Events in the Balkans On a Balkan Plateau ...... Serb Leader and Laughing Londoners in the Fast Sergt. Flora Sands, Serbia's Scottish Heroine Keeping Constant Watch on King Constantine Re-united Greece Adheres to the Alliance . Regenerate Greece Girds On Her Sword for War . Rum ania’s Tragic Story Rumanians Welcome Russian Reinforcements Rumania’s Capital Under the Conqueror’s Heel Terror and Tragedy in Beautiful Bukarest . After the Rumanian Disaster in the Dobruja America Joins the Allies .President Wilson Says ” Xo ” to U-Boat Menace. Ready, Aye Ready ! America Arrayed in Arms . America Takes Muster of Her Men ami Munitions Heirs of U.S. Millionaires Enlist for War Work . America Joins the Champions of Freedom . Horse, Foot and Artillery of the U.S. Army America Adopts the Armadillo-like Caterpillar Car Arrival of an Advance Guard of America’s Army Uncle Sam Safeguards Against the Pirate Huns . Swift Sisters Speeding Over the Western Waves . America Salutes the-Antliems of the Allies . Genera! Pershing’s Enthusiastic Welcome in Paris Unfurling of “ Old Glory ” in Glorious France American Sailors’ Cheers for the Sailor King First of America’s Fighters Arrive on the Aisne . PAGE 2702 2703 270ft 270S 2700 2710 2711 2714 2715 2710 2718 2710 2720 2721 2724 2725 2720 2730 2731 2732 2733 2734 2733 2780 2737 2730 2742 2743 2745 2740 2747 2748 2753 2757 2750 2703 27CO 2707 2708 2709 2770 2771 2772 2775 2770 2777 2773 2770 2781 2782 2783 PAGE The New British Advance In Mesopotamia .... 2792 Troops and Transports on the Way to Kut . . . 2793 With General Maude on the Way to Bagdad . . . 2794 The British Flag Over B a g d a d ............................................... 2795 Mosques and Minarets of Old-World Bagdad . . . 2790 Bagdad : The Storied City of Old Romance . . . 2797 Ploughing Through Sand from Suez to Palestine . . . 2798 The Terrible “ Tank” Pursues the Turk In Palestine . . 2799 Through Dreary Solitudes of Desert Sand . . . . 2800 PERSONALIA OF THE GREAT WAR—LIEUT.-GEN. Silt FREDERICK STANLEY MAUDE, K.C.B. . . . 2801 Behind the Enemy Lines How a Bavarian Battery was Shattered .... 2804 Kultnred Kameraden: Study iu Huns’ Physiognomy . . 2805 Hun Versions of Fighting in France and Flanders . . 2800 Fritz Firing Fog-Boinbs on the Somme .... 2807 Prime Moving Spirits of Prussian Militarism . . . 2808 Heads of Teutonic and Ottoman Offending .... 2809 Teuton Types and Trophies Taken at Messines . . . 2810 Germans Behind Bars and One Who Ought To Be . . 2811 German Prisoner Pictures from East Africa .... 2812 Some Camera Captures from the Last Hun Colony . . 2813 With the Enemy Fighting Forces East and West . . 2814 The W ar by Sea and Air Nelson’s Spirit Led Thom In the Channel Fight . . . 2817 Destroyers in Action near the Schonwen Bank . . .2818 Courage and Faith Confront the Pirate Peril . . . 2810 American Navy’s First Brush with the Enemy . . . 2820 “ Vive la France ! ” in the Face of Instant Death . 2821 Forces Combined Against the U-Boat Corsairs . . . 2822 Typical Fighting Ships of the Western World . . 2823 Our Sailor Monarch Visits His Sailor Men .... 2824 King George Goes Aboard a Submarine .... 2825 Fokker and Albatross and Some of their Fallen Flyers. . 2820 Some Fighting Airmen and their Fighting Ships . . . 2827 Guns and Aircraft On Guard Bound the Coast . . . 2828 Warriors, Warships and Wreckage in Aerial War . . . 2820 Amazing Exploit of Our Flying Men Above Lens. . 2830 PERSONALIA OF THE GREAT WAR—ADMIRAL Silt CHARLES E. MADDEN, K.C.M.G.................................... 2831 Golden Deeds of Heroism Heroes AH from Among the Allied Hosts Noble Deeds Crowned With the Victoria Cross More Heroes Honoured With Crosses for Courage. Gallantry Rewarded on All the Far-Flung Fronts Women Decorated for Devoted War Services Devoted Women Honoured by Grateful Men Crosses, Medals and Orders .... F % )r Conspicuous Service In the Field . Heroes Twain : Bomb-Throwers Who Won the V.C. The Victorious Advance to Bagdad Dancing in the Dahra Loop: The Turkey Trot . . . 2787 Recapture of Kut: Means to the Great End . . . 278S Forcing the Diala in the Battle for Bagdad. . . . 2789 General Maude’s Great Advance in Mesopotamia . . 2790 In the Track of the Turks In the Tigris V a l l e y ................................................ 2791 Records of the Regiments The Shropshire Light Infantry .... Splendid Britons in the Crucible of War The London Rifle Brigade ..... Duty, Sympathy and Popularity at the Front The South Wales Borderers. .... How Private Fynn Won the Coveted Cross . The Grenadier Guards. ..... Britons Happy in Possession of the Steel Casque. The Sherwood Foresters ..... Awaiting Their Turn to Move Against the Foe The Gloueesters ....... The Leicesters ....... The Princess Patricia's ..... m ) w o_ _ . World-Wide Echoes of the War Under Five Flaps in the Far-Flung Fields of War The Roll ol Honoured Dead . 2805-2871 Diary o! the W ar . 2872-2ss80 2834 2835 2830 2837 2838 2839 2840 2341 2342 2841 2845 2840 2847 2848 2840 2850 2851 2852 2853 2854 2855 2850 2SC3 i 2523
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