The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume VIII, Ending The First Three Years

& TABLE OF CONTENTS— continued Ending the First Three Years PA OK 2532 2533 253a 2530 2537 2538 2530 2540 2541 2542 2543 2510 2540 2550 2551 2552 2553 2554 2555 2550 2557 2550 2501 2503 2505 2500 2507 Discomforts of a Pirate’s liife on a U-Boat Varied Work of t he Engineers .... Soldiers of the Land Army at Work near Guildford Quinine Parade in the Balkans .... Captured Herman Field Gun Used Against the Enem> The Crusaders’ Goal ...... With the Canadian Infantry .... lleady For Anything: British Soldiers in Thessaly French Troops Marching ..... Anti-aircraft Guns in Action .... Episode in the Capture of Bullceourt . I he Third W inter’s Warfare Drawing T.ots for Leave at Christmas . Home Stirred and Stirring Thoughts of Home Across the Snow-clad Fields of Western France . Where Winter Whitened all the Ways to War Germany Ripe for P e a c e ...................................... Young England Ripe for Anything Smiling in the Face of Winter in the West. Quagmires of Mud that Clin# Like Quicksands British Soldiers’ Great Trench Bald in the Snow . Work, Play and Best. Amid Snow in the West Winter Dug-outs for Britons on the Somme Soldiers Brush-up Before Entering their Billets Good Cheer and Cheeriness in Cold Conditions Stoic Warriors in the Deep December Gloom Weather for Waterproofs on the Somme Front “ Hot Stuff.” Though Icicles Hang by the Wall . PEBSO.WLIA OF THE GREAT WAR—GENERAL SII EDMU.N1> 1 1 . II. ALLEN BY, K.C.B. . On the Heels of Hindenburg The Great German Retreat on the Ancre Vandal Passion and British Phlegm Under Fire . . . 2575 Prussia’s Ruthless Havoc in the Somme Valley . . . 2570 Ambushed Highlanders Scatter a Uhlan Patrol . . . 2577 Before and Behind the Hindenburg Line .... 2578 Treason in the Trcncli and Fair Fight in the Field . 2570 Moonlight Attack on the Somme. ..... 2580 Grateful and Comforting Refreshing on the Ancre . 2581 “ Chess Moves ” at Grandcourt: ( heck to Gennan> . . 2582 Hidden Huns Harassed by British Bayonet* . . . 2583 In Hot Pursuit of the Retreating Prussians . . . 2584 Passing Through Ruined P6ronne and Bapauinc . . . 2585 Deccptivo Trench-Forestry on the Ancre .... 2580 Deadly British Mortar that Balked the Hun . . . 2587 British Advancing on the Heels of the Enemy . . . 2588 The Victors Enter the Buined Town of IVronne . . . 2580 British Cavalry Spur the Spurring Uhlan .... 2500 Huns’ Little Gibraltar Taken by the British . . . 2501 Hustling the Hun on the Hindenburg Line .... 2502 Ruin and Restoration in the Track of the Foe . . . 2503 Getting the Guns Forward Towards St. Quentin . . . 2504 Historic Towns Britain Re-won for France .... 2595 City of Naked Ruins and Rubbish Heaps .... 250ft Night Baidcrs Held Up by German Flares .... 2507 Barrage Control During a Somme Advance .... 2508 Fantastic Contrasts of the Battlefield ..... 2500 Wanton Destruction by the Defeated Teutons . . . 2600 liapaume Burning and Battered, but Free .... 2001 PERSONALIA OF THE GREAT WAR-GENERAL SIR HUBERT I)E LA POER GOUGH, K C.B. . , . 2003 The Great Battle of Arras Victory of Mcssincs— Battle of Nicuport Dunes Shell-shattered Homes in Old-World Arras . At Grips with the Hun in Historic Artois . Good Hunting ! Hacking Home After a Hot Spin Stirring Episodes In the Great Battle of Artois . British Airmen’s Surprise for Prussian Guard Surrender ! British Cavalry Beat and Cow the Hun War’s Fantastic Panorama on the Western Front- Graphic Scenes in the Gigantic Struggle . 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015 2010 2617 Animated Scenes in the Great Artois Advance Shell Transport and Salvage Work on the Arras Front. Kisses from Grateful Women for Gallant Men Imperturbable Infantry Close In Upon Lens. British Patrols* Big Part in the Arras Push. Glimpses of the Glorious Battle of Arras War-weary Bavarians in their Barbed Wire Cage Young London Wins High Fame on Arras Field . Weave in the Laurel Wreath Some London Pride Artillery in Action Behind tho Arras Advance Nor Shells Nor Sentries Stay Salvation’s Steps Forward With the Guns ! On tho Heels of the Huns . Talcs of the Tanks: Forty Hours of Adventure . Against the Foe at Wancourt and Heninei . From Captive Ostcnd to Recaptured Messlnes Seven Thousand Teutons Taken at Messines Immortal Heroism of the K.R.R.C. and Northampton* Incidents in the Battle of the Nieuport Dunes PERSONALIA OF THE GREAT WAR—GENERAL SIR JULIAN BYNG, K.C.M.G.................................................... Sons of Empire in the W ar Canadians Capture Vimy Ridge Victorious Canadians Who Captured Vimy Ridge . Making Firm the Hold on VImy’s Famous Ridge. King George Visits Vimy, Where Canada Won Glory Victors of Vimy on Ground They Had lie-won . Canadians Turn Tables on Teuton Raiders . Light Moments of Leisure In Military Life . Canadians Enter Avion Through Fire and Flood . In the Canadian Lines on the Arras Front . Work and Play Behind the Lines In the West Night-Dressed Canadians Charge Over the Snow . Building Roads and Railways on Vimy Ridge 'Trophies Captured by the Gallant Canadians Conquering Canadians Capture the Vimy Ridge . Canadians Keeping Cool in Hot. Corners Tramping to tlie Trenches Through Seas of Mud . Paens of Victory in Plronne ami Bapaumc . Australians Overcome All Obstacles near HapaiM ur- Newfoundlanders Gather More laurels at Moneliy India's Magnilicent Rally to the Call of Arms Merry Hearts That Made for Victory . Indian and Australian Service for King and Empire Advancing Australia Enters Burning Bapaume Missing New Zealander Brings In a Handful of Huns With General Smuts’ Ever-Victorious Forces ’Mid the Mountains and Marshes of Africa . Conquering the Kaiser’s Last African Colony Armed Motor-Boats Trek to Lake Tanganyika Where the Hippo Took Sides With the Hun Rounding-up Remnants of the Enemy in Africa . East Africa Natives Assist in Electing the Foe Way for the Guns Through the Forest Primeval . PERSONALIA OF THE GREVT WAR—LIEUT.-GEN. SIR A. W. CURRIE, K.C.M.G.................................................... For the Glory of France Vaux Fort in Possession of the Valiant French . French Heroes Honoured by a Grateful Ally Saviours of Verdun, the Sally-Port of France Verdun : Tricolour Triumphant on the Heights French Valour and Genius Reconquer Vaux Fort. Determination, Dumb Devotion, and Dynamics Heroes Within the Iron Walls of Verdun Sacrilege and Savagery : The Ruins of Rhelms France Honours the Guardians of Her Gates Fairyland in the Frosted Forests of the Vosges . Italians Watch Effects of the New French Grenade Winter Warscapes from Flanders to the Vosges . Camera Glimpses Along the Somme Front ! Noyon Welcomes General Nivelle, Its Deliverer Savage Work of the Hun iu Devastated Roye Scenes in the Wake of the Franco-British Advance Formidable French “ Artillery of Assault. ” . German Guns and German Honour Ixwt at Noyon Hindenburg’s Handiwork iu France and Flanders On to Victory Through the Retaken Town ...... 27ul A T /T? v v . ¦ .
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