The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume VIII, Ending The First Three Years

T & M © o f C o m i t t e i m t e P ri n cipa I Li fenny Con fen ts PAGE The Moving Drama of tin? Great War : V III.— Ending tho First Thrco Years. By Arthur D. limes, M.A. 2529 The .Marvel of Three Years, By Sir Arthur Cumin Doyle 2547 Winter Quarters on the Somme, liy Basil Clarke . 2558 Alarums and Excursions During a Night Attack. Ily Max Pemberton ....... 2502 General .Sir Edmund II. II. Allcnby, K.C.B. . . !}508 The Patrol’s Work ill the German Retreat liy Max Pemberton ........ 2573 General Sir Hubert <le la Poer Gough, K.C.B. . . 2002 Britain's Initial Victory in the Arras Offensive of 1017. Ily M iix Pemberton ...... 2007 Tho Capture of Lievin and Victory at Lagnicourt. liy Mux Pemberton ....... 2009 The Capture of Moncliy-le-Preux. Ily Max l’embi rton 2020 How Bullecourt Was Won. By Max Pemberton . 2028 The Victory of Mcssincs Hidge. By Max Pemberton . 2037 The Epic Story of the Nieuport Dunes. Ily Max Pemberton ........ 2010 General Sir Julian Byng, K.C.M.G. .... 2012 The Victory of Vimy Hidge. By Max Pemberton . 2011 I.icut.-General Sir A. W. Currie, K.C.M.G. . . 2078 The Great French Victory at Pepper Hill. By Max Pemberton ........ 2082 M. Poilu as I Know Him. By Basil Clarice . King Albert’s.Men as I Know Them. liy liusil Clarke The Russian Soldier iu the War. By Hamilton Fyfe A Midnight Escape from the Austrians. By llasilClarke The Italian Soldier as 1 Know Him. Ily Dr. James Murphy . . ¦ . The Serbian Soldier as I Know Him. Ily II. Charles Woods ........ Untold Chapters of Rumania's Tragic Story. By Hamilton Fyfe ....... The Rumanian as I Know Him. By Basil Clarke . The Greatest Thing in the Greatest War. By II. II'. Wilson ........ General Pershing: America's Fighting Chief. By Sydney Brooks ....... President Wilson ....... Lieut.-General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude, K.C.B. . How Swift and Broke Beat Odds of Three to One. Ily M i i x Pemberton Admiral Sir Charles E. Madden, K.C.M.G. The First Three Ycais: A Survey, liy Lovat Fraser ......... Japan’s Soldiers as 1 Know Them. By F. A. Mackenzie ........ PAGE 2704 2712 2750 2702 2774 2810 2 8112 2859 2804 List of Maps The Great Arras Battle Area ...... Mai> Showing German Retreat in the West, 1917 Detailed Map of the Arras Fighting Area .... The Battle of Mcssincs ....... The Campaign in German East Africa .... .Map of Two ami a Half Years’ Campaign in Mesopotamia. .Map of the World After Three Years of War . 2530 2572 2000 2030 2068 2780 2858 Special Full-Colour Plates President Woodrow Wilson .......... General Sir Henry S. Rawlinson, K.C.B., K.C.V.O. ...... Frontispiece Facing page 2560 Monochrome Colour Plates An Evening Concert in Officers’ Mess of the Artists Rifles ..... Difficulties of Gun Transport: Man Power Reinforces Horse Power Ammunition Forward : Rushing Up Shells for the Heavy Howitzers . British Infantry Storm Ruined Ileudicourt ....... Chocolate and Apples Behind the British Lines ....... Sunday on the Western Front: Chaplain Conducts Impromptu Service His Hour of Triumph : British Soldier in a Conquered Enemy Trench A French Recruit Among the Veterans ........ Italian Soldiers Equipped with Breast-plates ....... The Union Jack Flying Over Bagdad ........ British Airman Returning at Sunset After Successful Journey .... “ Give Her My Love!” : Tommy and His Canine Friend .... Facing ]>age 2529 .. 2545 ., 2593 „ 2009 „ 2040 „ 2057 ,. 2072 .. 2704 .. 2737 .. 2801 .. 2832 2850 2526
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